Nicolae Nastovici – Business Development, Consulting and more

Nicolae Nastovici

Business Name: Donpex SRL

Email Address:

Year Founded: 2011

What does your company do?: Business consulting, matchmaking and  scouting, procurement, supplier of corrugated pipes,industrial spare parts,  representation, management, business domain consulting, participation in tenders,commercial agent for selling different services by phone or on the internet.

Was there a specific turning point when you realized your business was moving to the next level?: Yes it was , when I obtained my first international agreement with a company from NZ. We worked for them as an agent for more than one year selling their services in Romania and neighbouring countries. But we were in contact with clients all over the globe.

What processes or procedures have you implemented that have helped grow your company?:  We have been specialized in selling services over the phone or through internet. Being connected and staying open from early morning till late in the evening depending of the local time of the area our potential clients was available on Skype or phone.

What is most rewarding about running your business?: Being in contact with people all over the globe. This is something I missed that much living in an Eastern European country even though I have had a lot of friends from Europe, we  wrote each other once meet on the Black sea cost or else where in the country.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?: I become so much used working on most unusual hours,the NZ company was serving clients all over the worlds. Suddenly the  new interpretation of the existing regulations was no longer allowing me to sell their services. I had to face two big issues : one was the huge amount of time that become available second was the separation between us and clients we acquire. It was that hard you can not imagine but I successfully obtained another contract that kept me busy and helped me forgot. Yes I admit, I become too much involved which I shouldn’t.

If you were starting over today, what would you do differently?: Nothing. This is me. When I enter into a business I like I become totally involved . And I can’t change myself.

What advice do you have for other business owners?: Any kind of business involve clients. If they become aware you are sincerely involved and concerned about their necessities your success is granted 100%

Please list any favorite books, tools or resources (software, website, etc.) you would recommend for others:  I once read a book about red and blue oceans. I don’t remember the name. The point is how to make a strategic move that would make the competition irrelevant. People stay connected whatever that means: phone, internet, social sites , Skype , etc.

What is something that people might be surprised to learn about you?: A lot of people were playing with me for many many years. I new that and accepted it as it was my only available opportunity . And maybe I liked that game for the time being .

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