No Worries Mate

FeetUpWEB Forbes recently published the top worries keeping CEOs up at         night.    Aon Global Risk Consulting conducted the survey in April of this year. Many items on the list are out of our control, like terrorism. Political risk is another. However, in our country we can vote the *#^% out of office. In the top five concerns is failure to attract top talent. This has control written all over it. There are steps any organization can implement to help alleviate worry about attracting, hiring and keeping top talent.

Step one: It takes one to know one. This is like single people who are trying to attract the person of their dreams. Any male or female must be like the person he or she wants to attract. The same goes for organizations. Your company must have a culture where top talent wants to work. Current employees must be happy, engaged and feel valued. No top talent would settle for less.

Step two: Ensure that jobs and their tasks match the goals, mission, vision and values of your organization.  When this type of culture is in place, worries over recruiting costs will tumble, as top talent will seek you out.

Step three: Benchmark every position. Let the job talk. It will tell you exactly what it needs to be successful.

Step four: Use assessments to measure the skills, talents and attributes of your top three to five candidates. Measure the results of the assessment against the benchmark. This will clearly indicate the gaps between each candidate’s talents and what the job requires.

Step five:  The on-boarding process needs to be thorough, equally administered to all new hires and concentrate on the new employee’s individual identity and unique talents.

Creating a culture where every employee is valued for his or her talents and unique contributions will ensure that you never have to worry again about how to hire top talent because you will be in control. No worries mate.


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