Pest Control Spray Equipment – Use PPE All the Time!

When using pest control spray equipment or weed control sprayers to apply chemicals, the law says you must use personal protective equipment. I believe most spray techs use PPE when spraying.

The issue I see is all the other time. Anytime you are in contact with your sprayer equipment, you should be using PPE. I don’t think this is what is actually happening out there.

Some examples:

1. Spray Tech brings his leaking gun into our shop for repairs. He is NOT wearing PPE.

2. Spray Tech shows us a leak in his spray hose. While unwinding the hose to find the leak, he is NOT wearing PPE.

3. Spray tech needs a replacement part. He does not know the name of the part so he sends us this photo. He is NOT wearing PPE.

pest control spray equipment - use ppe all the time

Everyone we talk to says they use PPE all the time. Our own eyes tell us that is not the case.

Pest control & weed control technicians – you only have 1 body and 1 life. Don’t risk it. Use your PPE anytime you are touching your power spray equipment.




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