Profiles of Success Interview with Stanley Chao.

Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

I’m Stanley Chao and the managing director of All In Consulting. We assist Western companies in their China business development and have done over 200 projects for large and small companies. I am also the author of “Selling to China: A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.”

Why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place?         

In 2000, I saw a need China business expertise so started the consulting business.  Companies saw the potential in China but just didn’t know how to get started.  They didn’t know the language, social customs and didn’t have contacts.  I had over 10 years’ experience working in China at that time so filled easily filled the void that these companies were missing.

As an entrepreneur, how do you deal with fear or rejection? 

You need thick skin.  I must have met 20 companies before one would give me a chance.  They saw me as too young or too inexperienced.  You just keep on knocking on doors and believe in yourself and the skillsets you have to offer.

What’s the name of your company? What exactly does your company do, how do you help people?

Our company’s name is All In Consulting, and we assist Western companies in their China business development.  We’ll help clients do the following: outsource products or components, sell to China, understand the regulatory environment, and most importantly, give them an overall view of China’s business climate as it relates to their specific industry and needs.

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