Profiles of Success with Jeff Fromm.

Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

JEFF FROMM is an international speaker, author, and thought leader with expertise in brand strategies and consumer trends. He has keynoted more than 500 events all over the world, focusing on how youth culture impacts sales and profit growth across generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. For more than 25 years, Fromm has leveraged consumer trends as a consultant for clients including Amazon, Dairy Queen, Wingstop, and Gallo. He led the first public study of millennials in a partnership with the Boston Consulting group in 2010, research widely used by major brands and Forrester.

Fromm is a partner at Barkley, a creative idea company that builds modern brands for modern consumers. He has written three prior books on youth culture and consumer trends and is a regularly contributor to Forbes.

Fromm is an active board member for Three Dog Bakery, a premium pet treat brand. He holds an economics degree with an emphasis in marketing from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and attended The London School of Economics.

Why did you become an entrepreneur, speaker, author, etc in the first place?

To help people re-imagine their best possible future using research and new frameworks.  I’ve literally had people say “you changed my life today” and that feels awesome.

Tell us, how do you deal with fear?

Fail then try again.  I was a backup tree in my elementary school musical.  Now I speak to large audiences.  It’s just about doing things more frequently if it matters to you and the fear subsides.

Tell us, how do you deal with rejection?

Rejection happens often to people who try often.  It’s just part of the process.  I was rejected by 6 publishers on my first book but you only need one and I did get one good offer.

What’s the name of your company? What exactly does your company do, how do you help people?

Barkley is an independent idea company that builds potent modern brands, inside and out.  We have become one of the preeminent experts on the Modern Consumer and We’re committed to knowing them better than anyone else. Through this, we help organizations build brands from business ideas to marketing ideas, so that every action a brand takes is connected to the consumer in a relevant and helpful way.

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