Reducing Stress with Real Time Communications


Ask anyone who works if they have any experience with stress and you will be certain to receive a response of yes. With the advent of technology, and in particular real time communications, workplace stress can be reduced if management is willing to invest the time and money to implement its use. Once management takes the initiative to implement this stress reducing workplace companion, an increase in efficiency and effectiveness is sure to follow.

Workplace Stress

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The demands that come from employment inevitably lead to some level of stress, and most studies indicate that the leading cause of stress in adults is from the workplace. Interestingly enough, stress levels many times are related to the environment that the person is working in versus the occupation itself. Demands on the job lead to stress as work must be accomplished within a certain timeframe, and many times the nature of the work requires information to make decisions in a short period of time. Reducing workplace stress has many benefits, not only for the health of the employees but also the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

Real Time Communications

A basic understanding of what real time communications is, and what the features and benefits of it are, will be necessary before you pursue the idea and look to present to the appropriate individuals or departments. In its simplest form, real time communication is an immediate transfer of information from one source to another. Email is not an example of this, as it is a time delayed form of communication in that we expect to hear back from the recipient at a later time. Also of importance is that it is a direct transfer of information from peer to peer, a direct path. Examples include instant messaging, video conferences, file and screen sharing, and gaming to name a few.

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One area of expertise that communication is vital is health care. If you work in the field then there is no need to discuss the element of stress that comes with it. A great example of real time communication reducing stress at the workplace and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization is MDSandBox. This platform enables the users in the medical profession to communicate peer to peer which allows for feedback that could prove to be the difference between a proper diagnosis and improper one. This platform is interactive not only in the sense of its real time communication offering for medical professionals, as it values the feedback from its users and uses this feedback to improve the services offered.

Real time communications is on the leading edge of assisting organizations to create a more productive workforce and reducing the overall stress of all parties involved. Technology is your friend, embrace what is available and use it to everyone’s benefit, including your customers.

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