Restaurant Owner Moved to Tears by $700 Tip on $43 Wine Bottle

Customer had just learned that new coronavirus restrictions would temporarily close the restaurant’s dining room.

A restaurant in Canada was blown away recently by a generous tip from one of its customers.

Bambu Restaurant, an Asian fusion eatery in Ottawa, posted on Instagram about the $700 tip it received last week from one of its regulars.

According to a picture of the receipt, the customer put the generous tip on a purchase of a $43 bottle of wine.

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“’Thank you’ just doesn’t seem like enough,” the restaurant wrote on Instagram. “How do we thank this amazing customer for showing his support by dining with us regularly and today leaves a $700 tip to be shared among the staff.”

Bambu co-owner Jenny Lu told CTV News that the customer bought the bottle of wine last Friday night after he heard that Ottawa was moving to more strict coronavirus precautions and that the restaurant would have to close its indoor dining for at least the next 28 days.

She told the outlet that when the customer left the $700 tip, the staff even shed a few tears. “It means the world to us,” she said. “It’s not even really the amount but it’s the intention.”

Like many other restaurants, Bambu has struggled under the coronavirus. Lu told CTV News that she’s wanted to keep the staff employed, but it’s difficult when the dining room isn’t open.

“Just to do take-out and delivery, I’m not going to have 10 staff on at night,” she told the outlet. “It’s just going to be the bare minimum.”

“Most of the staff has been with us since day one, so I want to see them come back,” she added. “We are a family.”

One way that Bambu has been able to keep its staff employed is by expanding its delivery radius and having staff deliver orders, CTV reported.


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