Save Money on Summer Expenses by Making a Plan

Summer is coming on and there are expected expenses that we don’t incur during the winter months. The kids are out of school and need activities to keep them busy. You will take a family vacation and there might be trips to the beach, summer camps and movies. There are ways to plan ahead that will save you a lot of money throughout the course of the summer.┬áTo apply for online car title loans go to “Car Title Loans in Van Nuys

Plan Activities for the Kids

One of the biggest challenges of summer can be keeping young children busy. Unless you want them to stay at home watching television or playing video games, you need to find creative activities that will keep them happy and entertained without costing you an arm and a leg. If you can spend time doing projects, go to your local craft store and buy supplies. The clerk at the store will probably have ideas of what your children would enjoy making, depending on their ages. Otherwise, go online and search the internet for “crafts for 5 year olds” or something simllar. Come up with a list of simple projects and then buy the necessary supplies. Other options can be sending the children to day camp. They meet other children, learn to make things and go on excursions to interesting places. Check out your local pool since public pools have memberships so you can join at a reduced price with no limit on the number of times you go. But be careful about related pool expenses. When people of any age go swimming, it can induce hunger pangs that an only be satisfied by the high priced food sold at the concession stands. So before setting out to the pool, throw together some sandwiches and vegetable sticks to take.

Take Advantage of Your Neighborhood Library

Libraries are a wonderful source all year-round, but especially in the summertime. Young and old alike visit the library for events, to learn about new books or just to keep cool during the hot summer days. You can grab a book to take to the beach with you or you can sit in the research section to learn new subjects. For children, there are usually activities and reading times. And it’s all free of charge.

Keeping Cool Without Outrageous Electricity Bills

Reduce your electricity bill in the summer by paying attention to the weather outside. For instance, when it’s cool during the night, open up your house and let it cool down from the hot summer sun. Keep the shades drawn on the windows where the sun is shining and you’ll be able to keep your house cooler.

Planning Your Summer Vacation

Summer is vacation time, but you can plan trips that are inexpensive by staying close to home or traveling to a location where you can camp or stay with friends or relatives. Wherever you go, keep expenses down by packing picnics and using public transportation.

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