Saving Isn’t Always Enough: 5 Ways To Earn Extra Money Monthly

A large number of people who are saving their money find that it simply isn’t enough to live the quality of life that they desire. If saving simply is not providing an adequate lifestyle that means that an individual is going to have to earn more money. There is a plethora of options for someone looking to earn extra cash on a consistent basis. Spending extra hours can be a grind so make sure that you still leave yourself time to relax as the last thing you want to do is burnout at your full-time job as well side hustle. Below we will delve into the different options to earn extra money on a monthly basis.

Pick Up A Weekend Job

Picking up a weekend job at a restaurant or doing manual labor is not always going to be easy. These jobs might want you to work during the week at times so finding a job strictly for the weekends is imperative. Uber or Lyft are great options for people that have a car and want to earn a few extra dollars on the weekend. With large events like professional sporting games or concerts these drivers can earn quite a bit of money for just a few hours of driving. Delivery jobs are also available on weekends but this will require having a car as well. For those that have skills to do home repairs you can earn on weekends by doing simple things like changing locks or installing a new door.

Extra Shifts At Your Current Job/Contract Work

The inability to work due to injury or car accident can put you behind on your bills for months to come. This might cause you to have to pick up extra shifts for an extended period of time due to the negligence or fault of another. Seeking help whether you have been in a car or motorcycle accident is important with The Barnes Firm that are San Diego accident lawyers. Legal professionals can help you be compensated if you were unable to work due to an accident.

At some jobs there are just not options for extra shifts but there is contract work available. This could be everything from organizing files to data entry which many companies outsource to freelancers. Maximizing income from your current employer is one of the most convenient options to earn extra. With this being said, if you are a low producer or constantly are late your company might not want to dole out any extra work to you.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is in high demand as content is needed by a myriad of sources. This could be blog posts for a company or product copy for an ecommerce store. Top copywriters can make quite a bit of money but this can be a grind at times. Finding clients is not as difficult as many freelancers might believe with platforms like Upwork. Content creation companies are also available for talented writers to work as contractors. Hitting deadlines with minimal edits can allow a freelancer to charge premium rates. Writing is an artform like any other so with more practice a writer will become more proficient especially with constructive feedback.

Create A Drop Shipping Store

Online drop shipping stores are becoming more prevalent as a way for people to make additional income. Drop shipping is selling online without having to have any of the physical inventory. A drop shipper partners with a wholesaler and marks up the price of a product with the wholesaler taking care of shipping related logistics. Evaluating a wholesaler is important as a late delivery can lead an online store to lose a customer permanently. The best wholesalers are great with communication and have a good handle on what they do and do not have in terms of inventory. Products with high margins can provide the owner of the store with quite a bit in terms of monthly income.

Rent Out A Room In Your Home

Renting out a room in a home or apartment gives a person a set amount of extra money per month. The drawback is that there is less privacy and not all roommate situations work out as planned. For those people that have in-law suites or even a guest house this is the perfect opportunity to start earning. Even if it is your guest house it is important to hire a property management company so you do not have to deal with collecting rent or doing research on a potential renter. For those really tight on money renting out your entire home then moving into a cheap apartment is a way to maximize money earned per month.

Earning more can solve your financial problems if saving simply has not been allowing you to live the life you want. Take the time to assess where your individual talents can start to earn y

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