Signs Your HR Department Could Benefit From HR Software


Your human resources department is the backbone of your organisation. Without it, your business will simply flounder. The role of HR is incredibly demanding and as your business begins to grow, your HR team needs to evolve with it.

Unfortunately, if your organisation is using outdated systems and procedures to recruit and onboard employees, handle payroll and manage the entire employee cycle, then you’re going to experience problems. Investing in HR software early means you can bypass most of the issues that are holding your current team back. The benefits of using an HR software tool are well documented, so let’s explore the signs that your HR department could need HR software.

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They need to manage staff across multiple locations

The way we work is changing, and since 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic the number of individuals working from home has greatly increased and is only meant to grow over the next five years. While having remote staff means that your business can enjoy the benefits of a wider talent pool, cheaper overheads and happier employees, it can cause a real headache for the HR teams who are trying to manage dozens of staff across multiple locations. Employees no longer have the option of simply visiting their HR rep within the same office building if they need a quick chat. HR reps who are still relying on shared folders and email chains to manage the employee cycle are only going to find their job harder.

This is where HR software comes in, investing in this software means they’ll have access to all files, documents, contracts and all other HR-related data in one centralised location. As all this data is shared with HR reps, it’s consistently updated, accurate and accessible for whoever needs it.

Administrative tasks are holding HR back

HR isn’t just about managing employees and handling payroll, it’s also about directing your organisation and focusing on succession planning for your company’s future. Unfortunately, HR teams may find that as the number of employees grows, the number of administrative tasks they must handle, will also increase. Without the right software in place, this can leave little time for forward planning and the development of your current employees.

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An HR software system should effectively streamline all HR administrative tasks. And thanks to self-service portals and technology, employees can handle their own absence reports, leave requests and monitor their own development in their own time. Freeing up more time for HR to focus on the bigger picture and coordinating your business effectively.

Payroll errors are becoming more frequent

Handling payroll effectively is a fundamental role of any HR department, but when your HR reps are overstretched or their current system is outdated and simply can’t keep up with the number of employees you have, then you’re likely to experience payroll issues. Persistent issues with payroll and errors in salaries and wages can lead to disgruntled employees and a nosedive in retention and engagement.

Upgrading current systems to an HR software installation means payroll is simplified and every payment factor from bonuses and benefits to holiday pay, compensation and absence are taken care of. Keeping your payroll free of errors, your employees happy and your business financially compliant.

The rapid growth of employees can quickly sting your HR department, so get ahead of the curve and invest in HR software today to keep your business moving forward.

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