Social Media Marketing: Are You Using Google Plus?

In a world that is ultimately run by Facebook and Twitter, marketers are keen to make their mark on these sites. But, there are other sites that you can use to make your SEO rankings higher. While many e commerce companies utilise the attractive visual aspects of Pinterest, many businesses forget about the use of Google Plus.

Yes, Google Plus may not have taken off in the way in which Google would have liked. It’s not nearly as much competition to Facebook as we all would have liked. But, Google Plus is an important social media site to use in your marketing efforts. After all, you are trying to appease the Gods of Google when it comes to SERPS. So, it makes sense to use their social media site in order to gain distinction in the online space.

Many marketers are concerned about the effect of Google Plus. But, it can have a massive impact on your SEO strategies. It’s time to start using Google Plus to optimise your SEO.


Importance of Google Plus and SEO
Importance of Google Plus and SEO

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The Importance of Google Plus and SEO

Google Plus is a significant way to innovate your SEO methods. You need to optimise your SEO in a robust way. Google Plus is the way to do this. By utilising Google Plus, you will have higher rankings in Google. It’s all so seemingly obvious. After all, you need to use their resources to ascertain your dominance.

Using Google Plus: Keywords and Links

An SEO outsourcing company has stated that you need to use keywords and an overview of your business on your Google Plus page. This means that you have to optimise your Google Plus to its full potential so that audiences can engage with your services. Links are necessary for this process. You use links from your Google Plus and ensure that they go back to your primary site. This has the potential to increase traffic by a significant amount.

Get Headline Savvy

One of the fundamental points of Google Plus is to make sure that you have engaging headlines. This not only appeases Google, but ensures that your audience are engaged too. After all, the more people that notice your Google Plus page, the better. But, the key is to engage with your audience. This is the lifeblood of what Google and SEO is all about. Google Plus is akin to a blog post site. You need to make sure that you are using funky, eye-catching titles. But, you also need to make sure that you are title-tagging too. The headline, should it incorporate keywords, will then be posted and displayed in Google rankings. So, you need to be savvy with keywords for maximum SEO success.

Use Visual as Well as Content

Both the written word and visual means are necessary for Google Plus. So, you need to make sure that you are using videos and graphics in order to gauge the attention of your audience. This will also captivate Google and make sure that you are ranking higher. Pay attention to the detail. Useful images and infographics go a long way in Google Plus.

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