Start Working More Efficiently, TODAY! With These 5 Simple Tips

We’d all like to be a little more efficient at work, wouldn’t we? We usually start the day with the best intentions and then once we hit that post-lunch slump, it’s often downhill from there. Working efficiently can be both mentally and physically draining, but with the right tools and tips in mind, you’ll be able to work at full capacity, confidently and productively in no time.

Wondering how you can boost your daily efficiency? Read on for 5 simple tips.

Have the right tools at your disposal

It’s a sign of a really good morning when you get through some of your more length assignments first. From reems and reems of writing to composing important emails to potential clients and to your fellow employees. However, when you then have to dedicate more time and effort into proofreading and double checking your work for spelling errors, clarity, punctuation and grammar and even referencing, it can really have a negative impact on your efficiency. This is when investing in proofreading software comes in. Proofreading software like this, not only ensures that your work is of a high standard, but it also helps to streamline your working day and prioritise other tasks. Check it out.

Take regular breaks

It sounds counterproductive, but believe it or not, taking regular breaks will actually help with your overall efficiency. It’s easy to think that sitting at your desk and working as hard as you can without stopping will get more done. However, it actually has the opposite effect. Fight that desk fatigue by getting up every hour to stretch your legs, drink plenty of water to keep your brain fresh and your body hydrated. When you return to your desk you’ll be reset and ready to take on your to-do list.

Keep your work space clear

You know what they say; a tidy desk equals a tidy mind. Which in turn should help to improve your productivity and efficiency. Old post-it notes, files that you no longer need, yesterdays old coffee cup and clutter can really slow your pace and make you feel stressed and agitated. Try to keep your workstation as clear and as clean as possible. Ensure that everything you do need is within reach.

Limit distractions

Your phone going off. That colleague who keeps trying to engage you in conversation. The workplace is bursting with distractions and it’s not easy to switch yourself off from them all. Check where your employer stands on things like noise cancelling headphones or speak to your manager about colleagues that are distracting you from your work. If your phone keeps going off, turn it off and place it out of sight!

Eat the frog

Sounds awful doesn’t it! But it’s not meant literally. The term “eating the frog” means to simple tackle the task you want to do least, first. Getting it out of the way quickly so you can get through the rest of your workload without a sense of impending doom or dread. Give it a try!

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