Suzanne Perry – Domestic Violence and Bullying Support

Suzanne Perry

Business Name: OP Music House

Website URL:

Email Address:

Year Founded: 2010

Number of Employees: 1


What does your company do?: Domestic violence and bullying support, networking, and advocacy. Speaking engagements, workshops, and events to promote awareness, prevention, education and confidence training after coming out of an abusive relationship. “Find yourself, love yourself, be yourself and be proud.”

Was there a specific turning point when you realized your business was moving to the next level?: I was talking about my experience as a prisoner in my own home, for 22 years to my best friend at a spa. Workers and other patrons overhearing my story started to gather around. They started sharing how they were impacted by domestic violence. People opened up to me with their own stories of being raised in an abusive household, or being victimized theirselves. More stories were shared of friends, relatives, coworkers who were a victim, and others who lost their life at the hands of their partner. Some who had been victims theirselves did not want to come forth and share their story publicly, but together they asked me that I be their voice. That was the moment I realized how much a voice was needed! And so every speaking engagement, or accomplishment, every time I make public statements or help encourage people, I have hundreds of their stories in the back of my mind. Everything I do, I do for all of us.

What processes or procedures have you implemented that have helped grow your company?: Establishing credibility by joining my local Chamber of Commerce, and growing from there, by building partnerships and establishing professional relationships, is what helped me graduate to better levels. You have to prove your credibility with credentials. Sure, its one thing to buy into membership type of relationships but once you have that, you need to stand above the others and prove why you’re great.

What is most rewarding about running your business?: I most enjoy the constant feedback I receive when I am out in the public, and in social media, that help underline my purpose. I try to post points to ponder, to teach people to be more positive and create their destiny rather than deal with aftermaths of poor decisions. The best note ever received was “Suzanne, I left.” That could be a life saved, because I guided that person to realize the danger of that relationship!

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?: My largest challenge is sourcing for financial backing, as I want to grow from a home-based office to a public facility.

If you were starting over today, what would you do differently?: Not a single thing. Everything has happened in perfect order. I had to fall to grow a tougher skin. I had to be heckled to stand stronger and identify different personality types. I practice what I preach and so I’m pretty happy to look behind me and see the steps that got me to where I am, and I look forward to every additional step leading others to their freedom and happiness.

What advice do you have for other business owners?: No matter how hard people try to trip you up, stay focused on your goals. The more successes you earn, the more pressure you get from people who want to see you fail. Realize the issues there are with the other parties, not you. Stay true to yourself, and allow people who don’t support you to find other sandboxes to play in. You’ll find the people who need to be nearby will present their self, and vice versa. You will appear in the path of others at the right time, for the right reasons!

Please list any favorite books, tools or resources (software, website, etc.) you would recommend for others: I love this Positively Positive blog.

What is something that people might be surprised to learn about you?: Well, I’m pretty wild, I don’t think there is anything about me that would be surprising.. I say what I mean, and mean what I say, and love to have fun everywhere I go.