The Future of Digital Marketing – What to Expect In 2020

Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with the global village and share information. That’s good news for marketers. For businesses that invest in their digital marketing strategy, the right approach can be transformative and could make all the difference between a successful quarter and one that saw profits collapse. There were some clear trends in 2019 that are set to change the way that brands communicate with their audiences. For the digital marketer or entrepreneur that wants to stay ahead of the curve, here are the trends that are set to continue making a difference in digital marketing for the next few years.

The Rise of the Chatbot

There’s been no avoiding the increase in both uses of and uses for a wide range of chatbots. For your marketing department and customer service team, chatbots are fast becoming indispensable. The smart digital marketer needs to develop an awareness of the many uses for chatbots and start integrating them into their business’s online presence. As chatbots only become more advanced, failing to adopt their use now could be a mistake that you struggle to come back from.

Private Messaging

Email marketing isn’t dead (in fact, it’s never been more popular or valuable), but it does have competition. More brands are paying attention to private messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, building chat groups, and communicating in a much more immediate way with their audiences. Monetizing this aspect of modern marketing is proving to be the big issue, but when a personalized message sent directly into a WhatsApp group can encourage a website or product view, then you shouldn’t dismiss it as we head into 2020.

The Evolving Consumer

Audiences have altered, and those that use the internet have an ever-changing set of demands. If you want to attract new customers, then you need to keep up with what consumers are looking for online. Increasingly, brands need to ensure that they make use of:


  • Influencers: While there is still some controversy regarding the value of social media influencers, they continue to have their place in the digital marketer’s toolbox. Up to 86% of women have said that they will check their social media before they buy a product, so influencers can clearly be of value. Avoid larger influencer accounts and focus on micro-influencers who can promote you in a more natural way.


  • Video: If you’re not yet making video content, then you may already be losing business. Video content is now the most essential must-have for the modern business because a video not only keeps website visitors on your page for longer than written content, it can also boost engagement levels too. As transparency also becomes increasingly important for consumers, video can be a way of making yourself more established, more trustworthy, and more likely to get brand loyalty from an ever-growing audience.


Digital marketing is always changing. New trends emerge or fade away quickly, so the modern business owner needs to keep up. Failing to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy on an ongoing basis will mean that you will be going into 2020 in a much weaker position. If you want to reach 2021 and beyond, then it might be time to start taking a closer look at the future of your digital marketing.

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