The True Value of Student ID Cards

Starting college can be a bit of a rush. You’ve got a whole slew of new things to take care of even before the first day such as registering for classes, picking up a mail key, getting situated in your new living situation, and getting your new student ID card. The latter of these tasks may not really seem like much, but as you make the switch from parents providing everything to picking up all of your own tabs, a student ID can be game changing.

A substantial number of local shops, eateries, and businesses tend to offer some really fantastic discounts to students that show their ID cards. The savvy college student can rake in the savings, and might even escape the Top Ramen trenches to make it out for a real meal every now and then.

Here are a just a few of the special discounts offered to students these days.

Identity and Insurance

Suddenly having to throw down extra cash for things that aren’t particularly fun is a harsh reality of college life. When mom and dad aren’t taking care of insurance and identity protection anymore it is time to get serious about finding some deals. Thanks to your student ID, you should be able to score some sweet discounts.

For instance, students as Arizona State University can use their student ID (Sun Card) to get a 10 percent discount on identity theft protection through Lifelock. Although there are a lot of deals specific to the local area, there are also some broad ones. Norton Antivirus gives up to a 50 percent discount to students that qualify.

Finding helpful deals on car insurance is also a huge benefit of having a student ID card. All sorts of companies offer discounts to those students that are able to maintain good grades. These include:

Allstate: Up to 25 percent off for full-time students under 25

Esurance: 10 percent off for students with a 3.0 or higher GPA

Geico: Geico Good Driver Discount for students with ‘B’ average and driving requirements

State Farm: 25 percent savings for qualified students; even after graduation


Clothing Deals

Finding the money to buy new clothing can become more of a search for an exotic animal than it used to be. But what most people don’t know is that many of the most popular clothing stores offer some fantastic discounts that can stretch what little money there is.

Ann Taylor: 20 percent off full-priced order

Banana Republic: 15 percent off full-priced order

Charlotte Russe: 10 percent off entire purchase

Goodwill: 10 percent off entire purchase

H&M: 15 percent off in-store purchase

J Crew: 15 percent off in-store purchase

ModCloth: 10 percent off entire purchase

TOMS Shoes: Free shipping

Urban Outfitters: 10 percent off on specific shopping days


Delicious Eats

If cooking for yourself isn’t really an option and the cafeteria food sounds like the worst decision, it is also possible to get some great deals at the local eateries. Many of the larger chain restaurants tend to have broad deals:

Arby’s: 10 percent off entire meal

Buffalo Wild Wings: 10 percent off entire meal

Burger King: 10 percent off entire meal

Chick-fil-A: Free drink

Chipotle: Free drink or 15 percent off entire meal (depending upon location)

Domino’s: special discounts, vary by store

Hard Rock Cafe: varies by location

KFC: special student discounts, vary by store

McDonalds: 10 percent off entire meal

Pizza Hut: 10-20 percent off entire meal (depending upon location)

Taco Bell: usually 10 percent off entire meal

TCBY: 15 percent off entire purchase

Waffle House: 10 percent off entire meal

However, the popular local restaurants surrounding the specific college usually offer deals to students that show the student ID of the college they support. These types of specials can range from free drinks or appetizers to a certain percentage off of each purchase. Most places that offer discounts don’t broadly advertise them, so it is always worthwhile to ask. You never know, it could be the difference between another microwave mac and cheese and a fun meal out with friends.

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