Tips for Car Maintenance 


It is important to know how to take care of your car to keep it running well for many years, and the most effective way is by developing good habits when you do routine maintenance and auto repair on your cars. If you’re ready to get your broken windshield or side mirrors repaired or replaced, then Windshield Replacement Services in Rancho Santa Fe is the right place to go!

If you make a habit of following these maintenance tips, you will be able to help reduce the risk of:

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Change Oil

The first tip is very basic but often overlooked, changing your oil. This will ensure no damage to engine components and protect the environment by reducing emissions caused by burning dirty oil. The general rule of thumb is that most cars need an oil change regularly. This means you will have to visit a professional and get the proper new oil for your car.

Right Gas

It is important to use gasoline at the right octane level, which can be found on the pump and in your owner’s manual. If not sure, consult a professional like CEO Patrick James. Using lower octane fuel when it is not needed causes decreased performance because when using low octane gas, it causes your engine to work harder, igniting the air-fuel mixture in each cylinder. When this happens, carbon deposits form more quickly, leading to loss of power caused by engine knocking, which over time wears out parts much faster than normal. You may also need a professional muffler service to improve your car’s exhaust system.

Tire Rotation

Tires meet their demise not necessarily because they are worn out but because of misalignment issues which cause excessive wear on one side of the edge of the tire, leading to uneven tire wear/tear, which causes them to need to be replaced far sooner than they should. Wheel alignment Red Deer helps to avoid unnecessary wear and even and extends the life of your tires. Wheel alignment issues happen over time and result from the car going places it should not or neglecting to do your regular preventative maintenance.

Keep Brakes Clean 

Brake dust is a nasty compound made of shredded pads, metal filings, and moisture. It not only looks bad but damages the paint on your vehicle and reduces stopping performance and braking efficiency. Keeping your brakes clean by washing them off once a week or as needed will not only give you peace of mind that you are maintaining the safety of yourself and those around you but will keep your vehicle looking sharp and at its prime.

Replace Wiper Blades

Wiper blades need to be replaced regularly, which is helpful information. However, even more helpful is that you inspect your wiper blades before winter arrives. If the rubber part of the blade has cracks or holes, have them replaced at an auto repair shop right away before they become bad enough to damage them further or leave you stranded in a storm.

Keep Lights Clean

Next is cleaning headlight lenses, tail lights, and turn signal lenses. Dirty headlights can reduce visibility and light output, which makes night driving dangerous, as well as causing accelerated headlight deterioration due to ultraviolet light rays wearing down the plastic over time, creating foggy/opaque dull yellowed headlights needing replacement far sooner than they should. Cleaning these components monthly helps to ensure good visibility and keeps your car looking good.

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Finally, winterizing your car before the cold winter months is another way to help maintain your car. It only takes a minute to check your antifreeze levels, make sure there are no leaks in hoses or around the radiator, and you have an emergency kit with jumper cables, blankets, candles, water, sand, or salt for traction if you get stuck. You can also regularly check windshield wiper fluid levels since most cars run on a dilute solution of anti-freeze which will freeze at lower temperatures, leaving you without proper visibility.

You can do many things to maintain your car and keep it running in top condition. By following these simple tips, you will keep your car performing at its best and help ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

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