Tips on How to Keep Employees Motivated

Tips on How to Keep Employees Motivated

Engaged employees results in a 21% increase in business productivity, thus it’s worth investing money and resources into keeping your team members motivated. Motivation is a kind of inspiration that encourages employees to complete a range of tasks and not get tired. Even those who love their job may experience challenges starting something or moving to the next step. So how to go the extra mile, feel motivated, and enjoy your work? Read the article and find simple tips to boost your employees’ productivity and satisfaction, motivating them for new achievements. ​

Importance of Employees’ Motivation

There are two types of work motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic, and they are crucial for employees’ performance. Intrinsic motivation is satisfaction from work, and external motivation comes from rewards, such as bonuses, awards, recognition, and more.

If you learn to improve workplace motivation, your company will get great outcomes. These include maximized performance, increased employee engagement, healthier in-house relationships, higher levels of creativity and problem-solving, increased job satisfaction, and a sense of well-being.

Best Tips on How to Motivate Employees Effectively

People lose their drive at work because of exhaustion, lack of purpose and growth, restrictive, poor work conditions, etc. But you can change the situation by connecting with your team and improving the work itself and relationships with your employees.

Get To Know Your Employees

The greatest solution to start with spending more time with them to know their problems. Talk with your team members, and you will find what hampers them from being more motivated. You can ask them over a coffee and find common interests to spend more time together. Team spirit is crucial for productive work, so go to the cinema, play online games on or do team sports.

Offer Learning Opportunities

It’s vital your team members develop and self-improve while working. Their level of motivation will increase if people see the tasks they complete give them new knowledge and skills. You can create webinars, workshops, and courses for your employees to ensure continued growth.

Give Regular Feedback

In order to avoid demotivation, try to give one-on-one feedback and assess their performance. Employees will get rewards for good work or see what needs to be improved. Provide feedback regularly so people feel you care about them personally. Effective feedback empowers workers to self-improve and gives ways to achieve goals, but not simply criticizing behavior.

Provide Support

When you notice your employees feel stressed or cannot manage effectively with set tasks for some reason, offer them support. Help people overcome difficulties and get back in the game. Maybe someone needs a day off, consultation with your company psychologist, or useful resources for learning some work aspects.

Create Flexible Schedules

Providing workplace flexibility will boost employee motivation. People will strike a better work-life balance and be less stressed. You can implement remote work, modifiable work hours, and flexibility to leave 15 minutes earlier if they need to pick their kids up from school. Find what work flexibility workers prefer and adopt a balanced approach.

Celebrate Small Achievements

You will keep people motivated by celebrating their small wins before they reach a final goal. Say them a personal thank you for their extra effort and creativity. You may also consider distributing custom engraved plaques to your top employees. Make the “thank yous” a regular practice during daily staff meetings. They will appreciate your attention and specific acknowledgment and feel engaged to achieve success.

Motivated Employees Are the Key to Your Success

We hope that now your team will feel motivated and inspired to move forward and achieve success. Become a friend to your employees and find their needs, so they get encouraged to work harder and enjoy what they do. We wish you good luck, and we are sure you will manage to achieve great performance!

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