Tips To Make Your Freelance Business Look More Credible Online


It seems that on every networking group freelancers are asking the same questions about their business:

“How do I get more clients?”

“How do I come off as a professional and not an amateur?”


“How do I get my target audience to choose me over others?”

The answer to these questions is not one but many, but they all end with the same perspective: you need to appear more credible if you want to gain people’s trust and win their business.

Some businesses let their reputation do the talking. For instance, people buy Microsoft Office without digging around for alternatives because they already know Microsoft is a reputable firm. However, not every company has this luxury, especially those who have just laid out the bricks.

Arguably, freelancers have to work harder to build credibility. Because of the plethora of established freelancers out there, those looking to buy such services will need a good reason to try someone new.

On that account, here are some tips to help you look more credible on the web.

  1. A Dedicated Mailing Address Is Impressive

A virtual mail service that offers a real street address can create a recognizable physical presence along with a professional image for your freelance business. Top service providers also offer a digital mailbox that freelancers can utilize to manage and view their postal mail around the clock from any location through the internet or a smartphone app. A digital mailbox also comes in handy when you travel; the virtual service will allow you to keep track of mail parcels from clients.

  1. Show Your References & Testimonials

When potential clients see references i.e. the companies you’ve worked with or the places you’ve been featured in, they’re going to see you as someone with more clout. Get more visibility by placing your references in an area where it’s easy for prospects to spot them, such as in the footer of your email address and the header of your website. And if you want to do a little more convincing, share the testimonials you’ve received from the best clients. Good testimonials remove second thoughts potential clients may have about investing in your services. Also, remove any cheesy self-made statements like “best blogger in the law niche” and other similar claims.

  1. Get the Pricing Right

Freelancers often make the mistake of pitching low prices for their services. If your services are 70% cheaper than anywhere else for the same level of quality as offered by other service providers, clients may think something is fishy. Will they still consider you? Maybe, but you’re going to have to make a lot of effort to prove that you offer quality services and that your business is indeed legit. Consider this when setting prices; charge too low and you’d tingle their spidey-senses. Even if you have a competitive edge that allows you to set low prices, do it objectively.

  1. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Most freelancers offer Paypal and feel comfortable making transactions via this platform, too. However, if PayPal is the only payment method you accept, it might change the perception potential clients hold about you – because reputable freelance business owners provide multiple payment options. PayPal could be associated with hobbyists and small businesses, perhaps because it is one of the easiest payment options to set up and use. While there’s nothing wrong with using only PayPal, one payment method won’t cut it if you want to be taken seriously in the world of freelancing. Consider options like Stripe and Braintree to collect payments from cards and expand your money accepting options.

With these measures, you’d significantly increase the credibility of your freelance business.


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