Top 7 Jobs That Foreigners Can Do in Singapore

Getting a job in Singapore is not an easy task, especially if you are not a Singaporean. If you have no skills that are required, you might get discouraged by all of the advertisements for Singapore jobs. You should know how and where to find a job in Singapore if you are a foreigner.

Fortunately, there are businesses and organizations that are willing to employ you. You might need help in all of this, and it will be good if you read through this article to give you a hint about the best jobs that you can do as a foreigner in Singapore.

Corporate Manager

There are numerous corporate companies and organizations that are willing to hire qualified corporate managers and team leaders. All you need is the right skills, expertise, and experience. The main reason why Singapore’s corporate world is looking to foreign managers is to bring in different management styles that will push her economy forward.

Before applying for any open position in this category, engage professionals in recruitment to understand all of the requirements, especially when it comes to work-related permits and passes. 


This is the best job for you to do in Singapore. You will be seated the whole time you are working. Many drivers in Singapore are foreigners, especially those who drive trucks and heavy commercial vehicles. This means that Singaporean businesses are glad to hire you. 

The only thing you need is an appropriate driver’s license from your country and a work permit from the Singapore authorities. You will also need some training to get hands-on skills on the job. This is often offered by the company that is hiring you in Singapore. 

Delivery Service

Why don’t you consider getting yourself a motorcycle and legalized license? This is a good chance for you to get employed as a delivery guy in a food and beverage company. With a well-established third-party delivery service provider, a person with a motorbike has a high chance of getting a job in Singapore.

Many Singaporeans prefer their food and drinks, as well as other items, delivered due to their tight schedules. This makes the demand for delivery jobs very high and you can claim that position as well.

Hospitality Worker

Eateries such as restaurants and bars in Singapore are looking for people with many types of competencies. It could be cleaners, cooks, or even servers. You can get yourself a night shift if you like as they are in demand. Many luxurious hotels are in search of cooks who are experts in preparing Singaporean dishes for their restaurants. You can also be a professional manager in hospitality. Visit the Visa Express website to get yourself a pass to find these types of jobs in the hospitality industry.


Singapore is known for its huge shopping malls. With all of the retail shops in these malls, the demand for retail workers, for instance sales assistance, is relatively high. The only things you need are good language skills and customer care. You might get the position of an assistant in a luxurious brand where fluent English is needed. Many other kinds of businesses can hire you if you have the skills they are looking for and the right work permit.

Vehicle Technician

In Singapore, there aren’t many people with skills in fixing cars. Therefore, people from other nationalities stand a good chance of getting employed in their workshops. With enough experience in vehicles, you have a big edge. 

However, many fleet companies and auto garages in this island state still hire foreigners with young experience but sharp skills and nurture them to become experts in the auto industry. Hence, if you are in this category of young skills, try to look for companies that offer training. The good thing is that getting a work permit for such jobs is very straightforward for those who are qualified.

IT Specialist

Singapore has a well-developed IT infrastructure and technology adoption. All businesses and organizations rely on IT to succeed. As such, there is a high demand for IT solution services. The companies that offer these services often have openings for locals and foreigners alike. 

If you have the right skills and a desire to join other professionals in this area, it is time to apply as an IT specialist in Singapore and get the right work permit for this.


There are many jobs to do in Singapore. The only thing you need to do is make the right decision depending on your skills. Remember that the country also offers internship programs with a high chance of getting employed after that. Just like for those who go to Singapore looking for jobs, there are permits for those seeking internships.

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