Top IT Strategies for Your Business


As years come and go, technology is changing for the better. The internet has provided a world of opportunities for your business. All you need to have is the proper IT strategy. You can align this strategy to your business goals.

Where Does It All Start?

Developing the right strategy starts with an idea. This idea becomes a concept that is designed into an application. This application is then installed on your systems and reviewed periodically.

For this to work, you need to have business goals. These goals can be anything from generating extra revenue or manufacturing your products at less costs. Understanding your goals is vital, because the aim of developing an IT strategy is to align it to these goals.

Top IT Strategies for 2014/2015

There are various strategies you might want to incorporate into your business to drive it forward. Here are some of the top strategies you need to consider:

Incorporating Cloud Computing

More and more businesses are using loud computing to deliver applications, business processes, and information to clients and employees alike. This allows remote working and 24/7 access to resources. Cloud computing puts resources at a central place and allows everyone with permission to have unlimited access from anywhere, anytime.

Integrating Business Mobile Applications into the Business Model

Mobile statistics show that 9 out of 10 Americans adults have a web-enabled phone and 6 out of 10 of these use their phones to go online. What does this show you? You can reach more customers through their mobile phones. Not only can you reach your customers, but you can also engage them.

Mobile devices have gone from being just communication devices to become platforms that offer powerful mobile commerce.

Leveraging the Power of Social Computing

As a business, you must focus on the use of social media and social software. You need to integrate these into your goals and participate in them fully.

Virtualization of Your Processes

Virtualization has been around for several years but it still stands as a key IT strategy for this year and beyond. Why? Well, several new elements have been added to the original strategy. One of the notable elements is live migration, which helps a business migrate from one platform to another without losing your data or losing sight of your goals.

Monitor Progress with Advanced Analytics

This strategy supports the use of advanced analytics to support your operational business decisions. Some of the analytics include optimization, prediction, and simulation. Not all of them will be right for you; your business model is what will determine what you can use.

Going Green with IT

This strategy allows you to incorporate “green” IT initiatives such as the use of electronic documents to reduce the carbon footprint.


Final Thoughts


Lacking a clear strategy for your IT systems can be disastrous for your business success. This strategy forms a part of business services consulting that have to be used for positive business results.


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