Trade Alert: CorrecTrade to the Rescue


In the 21st century, trading can be a tough system to work in. There are so many markets, different rises and falls and the odd day where nothing makes sense. Wouldn’t it be simpler if there was an easy, convenient method to help you make sense of trading, to help predict what may happen? This is where the CorrecTrade Bot comes into play.

What is it?
Put simply, CorrecTrade uses complex algorithms to deduce trade alerts. The system takes real time data, analyses them and produces trade predictions it believes will be more successful. The deep market scans taken by the bot will give the user all predictions with a 75% chance the asset will end in the money. Once a user has selected an asset for the bot to check, it should take approximately 60 to 120 seconds to complete the task. Therefore it is a simple, fast and extremely useful tool for traders.

Who can use it?
Any trader, or person wishing to trade, may download the software and use the bot. It is recommended, however, that any person wishing to use this service be relatively familiar with trading terms, binary option trades and the markets they wish to use. This is purely for the customers sense of ease, as coming into trading can be an arduous task if you have never explored the markets before.

What are Binary Options?
If you are new to trading, you may have asked the question: what are binary options? The financial options you are given in trading are often giving as binary options. These are estimates of an assets performance during a given time frame. The binary options are given in two parts; the first being ‘Call’ which means the prediction for of the price will rise. Or there is ‘Put’, which predicts the price of the asset will fall. There are a wide variety of binary options available to traders, knowing some aspects of your assets makes using this system easier. This should have helped you answer the question; what are binary options?

How to Sign Up?
Signing up to use this system is extremely easy, follow these simply steps:

  • Click sign up button on the website
  • Fill in registration form
  • Select a real account if you wish to play with real money
  • Place a deposit: minimum required is $50
  • Start trading!

Legal? Yes, CorrecTrade bots work 100% regulated platforms.

Is it free? Yes! The service is provided for all traders wishing to use the prediction based bot.

Is withdrawing money hard? No. The system allows its clients to withdraw their money at any time, but it can take up to 10 days to process.

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