Truckers vow to not deliver to cities without police protection and it is Black Lives Matters’ fault.

Defunding cops hurts minorities as truckers pledge shows

Tampa, FL – Conservative Clergy of Color condemned the police defunding campaign of Black Lives Matter after a report that it’s stunting the trucking industry. According to Fox Business, Mike Kucharski, the co-owner of JKC Trucking, is ordering his drivers to steer clear of cities where police budgets have been slashed in order to safeguard both his employees and their cargo. Research conducted by the Police Executive Research Forum shows that agencies in 258 cities have had or will have their budgets cut, meaning 258 cities could lose commerce and business if truckers don’t feel safe enough to deliver cargo to those locations.

“Behold, I give you the first tangible results of the Black Lives Matter movement and it’s as bad as you think. I give you the consequences of what happens when corrupt liberal politicians bow to the demands of anti-American Marxists,” said Bishop Aubrey Shines, the chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color.

“The sad thing is that minorities will suffer the most because of this. The minorities who live in these cities are already suffering as violent crime spikes through the roof because police are being hamstrung by budget cuts. Now those same cities will lose income from commerce, income that could go towards growing jobs and bringing opportunities for minority communities! Once again, Black Lives Matter, which claims to stand against minority oppression, has stabbed those same communities in the back and left them out for the wolves!”

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