Utilizing Your Assets: 7 Smart Ways to Make Money with Your Car

There are many smart ways to make a little extra cash. If you have some time on your hands and a working car, you can get a side hustle going. Today, there are several legit ways to make money using your car, from ridesharing to food delivery. The “car gig” business is made possible through various apps that provide opportunities to easily get that activity started. Here are seven smart ways to make money with your car.

  1. Uber and Lyft

Everyday there are people with a need to get to and from a particular destination. While there are still taxi services available, Uber and Lyft are new ways of getting a ride at a cheaper rate and on demand. Riders may be people who don’t own a car, or someone who needs a lift from a bar. You have the freedom to operate wherever you like and the flexibility to make your own schedule.

  1. Deliver Groceries

Convenience is a something that many consumers desire and the ability to avoid in-store grocery shopping is a service that you can provide with your car and make money doing it. Instacart, for instance, allows you to sign-up to be an in-store grocery shopper and deliver groceries. You go shopping for other people, and you take an order, do the shopping and then deliver the customer’s order. You can choose to work your own the hours and get paid weekly.

  1. Deliver Food

Maybe food delivery is something that interests you, and if that’s the case, UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash are three options that you can pursue. Check to see if these entities operate in your city and get set up delivering food to people from their favorite restaurant. You have the flexibility to work on your own time, you avoid carrying people in your car, and you may also be able to earn tips.

  1. Package Delivery

Delivering packages is another great way to make money with your car. Amazon Flex is the most popular service provider that allows you to use your car to make package deliveries. It operates in over 50 cities and states, offer flexible scheduling, and the opportunity to make between $18 and $25/hr. Packages are delivered using their Amazon Flex android app that easily allows you to find a delivery location and scan the barcode to confirm the drop-off.

  1. Car Rental

If you have an extra car sitting in you garage, you could consider using it make some money by

renting it. Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental service that allows you to list your car on their website as a rental. They establish your car’s rental price according to the market value, location and time of year, but you can also set your own daily price if you prefer. See pricing details here if you are looking to purchase a car to make money.

  1. Advertisement

If you cover a lot of mileage daily, wrapping your car in advertising could earn you some cash.

Think of your car as becoming a rolling billboard. Companies like FreeCarMedia.com and  Wrapify.com are advertisers who allow you to promote their product with your car. The advertisement can be full wrap, partial, or panel depending on which company you choose. You may find that full wrap is more lucrative.

  1. Airport Rides

If you are looking for a destination specific ridesharing opportunity, using your car to make rides to and from the airport is available. Wingz allow you to become somewhat of a personal driver for passengers, and you choose to make airport rides your specific interest. You are able to build your own clientele base.

You can make your car pay for itself or make extra cash by using it for profit. There are a number of avenues to pursue, from delivering food, groceries and packages, to advertising, renting and ridesharing. The “car gig economy” can be your side hustle.


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