What can marketers learn from the social gaming phenomenon?



The digital revolution has provided the modern marketer with many opportunities and dilemmas. And one area that’s really reaped the rewards from the online domain is video gaming, and it’s social gaming in particular that can provide a handy lesson to us all in how to maximise exposure, ensure brand loyalty and gain a broader audience thanks to some of these eye-opening innovations.


Subscription models



Few of us will be unaware of the way that massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft have taken the gaming world by storm thanks to the way that they allow players to interact in the fantasy worlds that are a step beyond the simple arcade games of yesteryear.


But it’s the way that developers like Blizzard operate a successful subscription service for World of Warcraft that provided a new model of consuming games which might be of most interest to marketers. As rather than a one-off payment, the subscription model ensures that gamers will be first in line for new software updates and even receive free new games like Diablo III as a reward for their loyalty.


Promotional dynamism



Even gaming genres like online casino games have benefited from the ease with which brands can swiftly tailor their promotional strategy to allow gamers to take advantage of limited-edition offers and welcome bonuses.


A quick look at the promotions at masterpiececasinos.com shows how the greater range of gaming choices has meant that companies are delivering evermore lucrative promotions to gain new audiences, and it’s mailing lists and social media campaigns that provide brands like Masterpiece Casinos with an unprecedented direct access to their target market.


Getting physical in the online domain



But despite the immense potential shown by the digital revolution, there’s nothing like real-life human interaction to really deliver results. This is why competitive gaming tournaments have really taken off in the past decade as these LAN parties can see huge numbers of players competing in real time over a network.


It’s the fact that these huge events are starting to attract the attention of big businesses that shows us how it’s getting people together that’s critical for helping any promotional endeavour to take off. So whilst Masterpiece Casinos can show us how we can easily keep an eye on the latest promotions and marketing options from the comfort of our mobile devices, there’s nothing like going face-to-face for maximum marketing impact.


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