What Factors Determine The Cost Of A Pool Enclosure?

Everyone wants to embrace safety when it comes to pools in their backyards. You can always go with the vinyl pool covers and mesh covers, but they can never match up to the charm and style of the new retractable pool enclosures you see in lifestyle and home decor magazines. Today, homes can have pool enclosures that reflect the personality and aesthetics of the homeowner.

When it is time to choose an enclosure, we can never ignore our budget. In fact, irrespective of the material, lifespan and look, we always base our final choice on the budget. While the pool enclosure cost can be a significant expense for any homeowner, it should also be an investment towards the resale value of the property. Choosing a stylish, yet functional design within an affordable range can increase the aesthetics of your home and boost the real estate value of your property.

What should you pay for a pool enclosure?

The exact price of your pool enclosure will depend upon multiple factors including the material, frame material, and size. You can end up with a bill of anything between $50 and $100 per square feet if you have no idea about the different factors that influence the prices. A recent survey shows that the average cost of a pool enclosure can start at $50,000 or more for an area of 1,000 square feet.

Here are a few factors that determine the cost of the pool enclosure for any home –

Size of the swimming pool – the size of the swimming pool enclosure can vary incredibly depending on the usable space. Depending on the height above the pool, the glazing material can change and increase or decrease the expense of installation.

  • The low pool enclosures – these are the cheapest sort of enclosures now available. They can go only about two feet above the water level. They allow easy entry and exit from the water. This type of cover does not obstruct the views or landscape.
  • The medium pool enclosures – they offer more freedom than the low pool enclosures. They give more room for movement and activities. Playing games under these enclosures with your family is not going to be a problem at all. They are also quite cost-effective.
  • The high pool enclosures – this is a significantly costly option for pool owners. They transform an outdoor pool space into an indoor “room” with its own landscaping and lighting fixtures. It has a full-size ceiling that can be opaque or transparent.

Screen pool enclosures – these screen pool enclosures are perfect for those looking to protect their water from bugs, leaves, and other debris at all times. However, a solid retractable covers are excellent for the rainy seasons and winters. You can opt for sleek, aluminum frames with automatic retraction for closing and opening your screen cover.

Transparent pool enclosures – according to the Energy Saver, the installation of pool covers can reduce up to 30% of the makeup water necessary to fill pools.  Evaporation of water in the pools contributes to the lion’s share of energy expenses of US homes. Each pound of water that evaporates from the surface reduces the heat content by 1,048 Btu (British thermal unit) of the pool. Installing clear pool enclosures not only minimizes the evaporation level, but it also allows daylight to enter the pool “room.” It helps in controlling the ambient temperature of the surrounding area and maintaining comfortable humidity. Glass and polycarbonate pool enclosures are by far the most popular since they transform a dull backyard swimming pool into an added room for the family and friends to hang out.

Customizations – while most homeowners believe that permanent pool enclosures will cost less, it might not be true in all situations. Portable pool enclosures are the best options if you are not ready to make permanent changes to your home or you do not have the budget for heavy construction work. These retractable enclosure structures are reliable, sturdy and they can keep the dirt and debris out of your pool during all seasons. The portable enclosures have lightweight aluminum frames with weatherproof coating and transparent material that permit enough light entry. You can open them or close them as per your need without any extra help. Some come with electric motors that allow the partial or complete retraction with the press of a button.

Investing in a new pool enclosure does not have to be an expensive decision. Depending upon your immediate need, you should pick a type that suits your budget as well as your taste. Remember that the right pool enclosure that adds resale value to your home and give you an extra room for all the fun activities.

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