What Is The Monthly/Annual Cost Of Pet Ownership

Have you ever taken the time to calculate how much you spend on your pet on a monthly or a daily basis? If you haven’t, well, I think you should because we tend to spend more than we signed up for on these pests. Unfortunately, most people don’t budget for the pet’s costs before they bring one to their home. Pet costs don’t just involve food; it could be the vet visits, medication and supplements, toys and other surprise costs that aren’t very pleasing.

Before owning a pet you need to first understand the costs involved in order to spare yourself a lot of trouble in the future. The estimated cost of owning a pet ranges from $1400 to $ 4300 annually. However, this cost may vary depending on whether you own a cat or a dog and the choices you make when keeping this pet, some options are cheaper. Continue reading for a breakdown of these costs.


When budgeting for a pet you should start with the initial cost of purchasing one. There are many options available, for example, you could choose to purchase a pure breed or a mixed breed. Other pet owners prefer to take care of needy dogs. Pure breed pests, especially dogs, cost around $500-$2000. You should make sure that you get the breed from a professional breeder. It’s more expensive than purchasing from a local backyard breeder but trust me, it will be cheaper along the way.

If you plan on keeping rescued dogs, make sure that you get him from a recognized shelter to ensure that you get a healthy dog. Dogs from shelters aren’t that expensive. With as little as $50 to $200 you will have a pet.  You will also need to take a visit to the vet since you don’t know what ailment this dog could be carrying. Depending on the tests the vet will carry out, the vet visit will be between $50 and $ 100.

After getting your dog home you will now incur costs on food, toys, beds, leashes, and training lessons.

The first year of owning a pet is always the most expensive. Expect to spend twice the amount of money you need to spend in the subsequent years in the first year of owning your pet.


Foods and treats vary according to the type and the level of processing. Highly processed foods are of low quality compared to minimally processed foods. The same case applies to treats, but there are resources online to find the healthiest foods, treats, and supplements you choose to feed your pet. Regardless of which foods you choose for your pet, expect to pay a minimum of $50 monthly for your pet’s food. Expect to spend almost $100 if your pet is on a vet prescribed diet.


If you really love your pet, then you would really want him or her to sleep in a very comfortable bed. It’s recommended to have about two cozy beds around for your dog. The costs of these beds vary based on their quality and durability. Therefore, expect to spend around $50 – $ 200 per for these beds.


Collars and leashes cost between $20 and $50 at Walmart and Petsmart. If you’re careful, your collars and leashes can last very long and you may not have to spend money every year for this.


Pets need toys to keep them active mentally and physically. You may need to restrain yourself when it comes to toys, otherwise, you will find yourself spending hundreds of dollars every year for toys. Find out which specific toys that your pet needs and if you can afford them. Toys don’t have to be expensive; with $30 – $200 you can have a good toy which is durable if your dog isn’t the destructive type.


As much as it’s not the best idea to offer medication to your pets, I would recommend adding Benadryl to your budget for the pet. When used at the right dosage, Benadryl for dogs is a good medication to carry around when traveling and also if your dog has allergies. Benadryl is an antihistamine,, this means that it blocks the histamines produced by the body to reach the receptor. By blocking the histamines, Benadryl helps to relieve some allergies symptoms such as;

  •    Itching
  •    Redness
  •    Sneezing
  •    Coughing
  •    Anaphylactic reaction

Benadryl is also used to treat motion sickness and treat anxiety in dogs that could occur due to separation from the owner. When budgeting for your pet’s emergency kit, you should consider adding Benadryl to your kit.Benadryl has some side effects such as dry mouth, sedation, rapid breathing among others. That is why it’s advisable to consult your vet before administering Benadryl. You can also click on the references below for more about Benadryl.


Another medication to add to your pet’s medical kit is Metronidazole for dogs. Unlike Benadryl, Metronidazole is an antibiotic that is mostly used to treat anaerobic and dental infections. Other uses of Metronidazole include;

  •    Treating inflammatory and bowel disease
  •    Treating periodontal disease
  •    Treating Intestinal parasites infection
  •    Treating diarrhea

Metronidazole is not FDA approved but is recommended by Vets. However, due to some side effects like diarrhea, you should consult your vet before administering Metronidazole.  


Owning pets can be expensive especially when you don’t adequately plan for it. Before owning a pet, you need to consider all the costs involved in the first year and in the subsequent years and if you’re comfortable with spending this amount of money every year for your four-legged companions.






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