Why Creating a Professional Presence is the New Black

man-and-women-posture-walking-300x246These are the five most powerful business building strategies you can incorporate in your marketing arsenal. As you master them through practice, you will become one of the most sought after experts in your social and professional circle.

  1. Brand You-Yes, you are a brand!  Your brand is the impression that comes to mind when people see you, hear or you or think about you.  In business, it’s important to build your brand with everyone; colleagues, bosses, clients, and suppliers.  Having your personal brand puts you in “the look” and can provide a hugh advantage.
  2. Practice Etiquette-You will be surprised how far these power words, please, thank you, and how may I help you will take you.  Practicing common courtesies will set you apart from the competition.  In business it could mean the difference of winning eh contract or not.  In your personal life it could make the difference in the type of people you attract.3.
  3. Learn to toot your own horn -Toot your own horn and share your “brilliance.”  The world needs your gift.  When we see someone who is proud and their accomplishments and they share them with the world; we sometimes see that person as arrogant.   You can toot your own horn and still be humble.  When you don’t share your gifts with the world it can be detrimental to your career.4.
  4. Increase Your Visibility-Make people feel comfortable within the first few minutes of meeting you.  Always smile!  It is important to remember that your facial expression sends a stronger message than your words. You want to look as if you are pleased to meet the other person, regardless of what you may be thinking at the time.5.
  5. Be Friendly-You should always be ready to initiate a handshake, demonstrating your eagerness to meet the person. Although etiquette rules once dictated that a man should wait for a woman to offer her hand, that’s no longer the case.

Grace and Charm Insight: Grace and Charm Insights:

“When you make yourself valuable and memorable, people will buy you and your services.”

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