Why is the Smoking Apparatus Just as Important as the Weed Itself?

Smoking Apparatus
Smoking Apparatus

Over the years, weed smokers have come up with several ways to benefit from THC by using many devices and tools. Unfortunately, not all smoking apparatuses provide the needed dose and instead waste the plant. Recent studies have found that the device you use is as equally important as the weed itself.  It’s important that you choose the right smoking apparatus wisely based on your need and the effect you’re looking for. Whether you’re consuming cannabis for a medical, spiritual, or a recreational purpose, a safe and discreet alternative is finding your weed dealer online, the purchases are quickly and delivered directly to your doorstep. Furthermore, new cannabis users may visit sites like https://amuse.com/blog/how-to-roll-a-joint to learn how to roll a joint.

Types of Smoking Apparatus


Nowadays vaping has become a popular way of consuming marijuana; many people believe that it’s healthier than smoking it. There are even starter-friendly kits like Voopoo Drag 3, which you can buy online. People prefer vaping because it’s portable and doesn’t waste the plant at all. The manufacturers at Thefirefly.com claim that a high-quality vaporizer wastes 0% of the weed in it, which makes it the ultimate solution for consuming cannabis. Weed vaporizers also allow you to have control over the temperature either through a mobile app or the device itself. By controlling the temperature, you get to enjoy the effect without tearing your throat. It can work by either placing the plant itself or using the oil. So if you enjoy cannabis’ oil more than the actual plant, using a vaporizer is your best solution.


Some people prefer to use pipes when they smoke weed because it provides them with a controlled dose. Using the pipe allows the smoker to control the amount they are inhaling; they can smoke small or large doses based on their need, unlike smoking a joint. If you’re one of the people who prefer taking small doses to reduce the amount of smoke you inhale, choose a pipe with a small bowl or a thin neck. However, if you need larger doses for faster effects, you can choose a pipe with a wide neck and a large bowl.  

A glass pipe is a nice option because it’s easy to clean. All you’ll need is hot water, a small pot, something to clean the pipe with: any cleaning product or rubbing alcohol. Place the pipe in the small pot while making sure that the water is covering the pipe, let it soak for 20 to 30 minutes in the hot water, and after that clean it with a piper cleaner and rubbing alcohol.


Bongs are another popular way to consume weed. While they have many things in common with pipes, they mainly differ in the way they work and the effect they provide. Bongs are larger than vapes and pipes, so you won’t be able to carry it around and smoke wherever you want. Besides, they have to be placed on a table. However, using a bong allows you to benefit from the THC in cannabis faster than with any other device. 

Bongs consist of a bowl where water is placed to cool down the smoke. The water is essential as it provides a smooth hit, especially if you add some ice to it. They can be made with glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, or even bamboo. It looks like a vase and can be used for decoration. Those who consume cannabis for medical or spiritual purposes, use bongs because they can get a large dose in one go. People suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues, prefer bongs and consider it the most efficient way to consume cannabis. Some people like mixing herbal blends and terpene isolate with their cannabis to reduce the amount of weed smoked and at the same time enhance the effect of THC. 

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Bubblers are a combination of classic bongs and glass pipes. It uses both ways: water and a percolation system while heating weed. Bubblers filter the smoke, and at the same time create smooth and soft hits. For those who prefer bongs, bubblers will be their best option. They are smaller than bongs, which makes it easier to carry around while providing the same effect as bongs. They’re lighter, more durable and easy-to-use.

Regardless of the reason why you need to consume marijuana, using a compatible smoking apparatus is extremely important. The best device differs from one person to another. As you can see, some people prefer vapes to smoke whenever they want, while others prefer pipes and bongs to have a faster effect. In order to choose the one that’s suitable for you, you should consult your doctor. If it’s for medical purposes, or you can try several devices until you find the one that provides you with the dose you need. Planning to grow your own marijuana plant? Visit theseedpharm.com to buy seeds.

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