Would A Career In Finance Be the Right Choice for You?


With the huge amounts of jobs in the finance industry, it’s confusing to decide which specific area to enter. Of course, a career in finance always starts with a degree in which you can get a closer look at the specific areas it involves such as accounting and consulting.

After the degree, comes the internship where you try your skills for the first time. That might give you an indication but then you get challenged by all the overlapping career functions.

Even after getting the degree, finishing the internship you will still have questions to ask yourself. Working in a bank would satisfy you? If yes, which kind of bank? A commercial one or an investment one? If you don’t want to work in a bank, would being a financial planner make you feel good about yourself? Maybe, a good way to answer some of these concerns could be to sit with yourself in silence and figure out what your real talents and goals are in life.

Are you good at financial planning? If yes, corporate finance could bethe right choice for you. Your tasks would involve allocating funds for the company’s operations. You have to know how to make wise decisions for your company whether it’s a merger or new property acquisition. You also need to be able to create plans to make the company as profitable as possible.

Do you have good communication skills? Maybe a position in a loan company would be the right fit for you. One of your tasks would be to give customer service to people considering a loan option and you could calculate the maximum amount of the loans they could get, and simultaneously paying attention to lowering the risks for the lending company.

What about the insurance field? Do you have a talent for anticipating risks? Often, businesses neglect the importance of the added value a stable insurance policy can provide. Companies without security often have low stock values.

What are your thoughts abouttraveling? Maybe a job in real estate would be suitable for you. You need to know that the real estate industry is constantly growing and developing making it extremely exciting to take part in it. If you have good imagination &estimation skills, guessing not only at the current value of a property but its future one as well can be a great advantage for a real estate company.

To sum up, finding the right career path in the finance world can seem difficult at times, however once you realize your unique skills and talents, the field most suitable for your will reveal itself. All you have to do, is ask yourself a few questions that would point you in the right direction.

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