Your Business May Not Be As Secure As You Think: Here’s Why



If you’ve been set up as a small business for a while, you may think all is well. Making a nice little profit is enough, right? Well, not if your business isn’t secure. If you have failed to protect your business from various threats, your profit could disappear within a blink of an eye. So what are the main security mistakes many small companies continue to make? Here are some of the top ones.

Your Property Isn’t Secure

If a thief breaks into your office or workspace, he or she could get away with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. That will cost you a huge amount of your hard-earned cash to replace! So next time you are at work have a quick scout around to make sure the property is secure. Install a burglar alarm and CCTV. As soon as potential intruders see these on a building, they will be deterred from entering. Try to not cut too many keys for your workplace either. The more you have, the more likely it is for a set to go missing and be picked up by a burglar.

Someone Could Steal Your Idea

It’s not only bricks and mortar that need protecting, but also your ideas as well. As soon as you set up your new company, it is worth speaking to an experienced trademark attorney about protecting your business’s name. Once it is trademarked, no one else will be able to use it. If you invent something, you should see about getting that patented too. Don’t worry if you haven’t already sorted out trademarks and patents; it’s never too late. But just be sure no one has beaten you to it!



Your Computers Can Easily Be Hacked

Cyber security is vital in this day and age. If your online files and data aren’t safe, neither is your entire business. All it takes is one hacker to retrieve all your online information, and your company could be compromised. So all wise business owners are investing in effective protection for their computer networks. It is also a good idea to hire tech staff. These employees will be able to quickly see any bugs and viruses that could be putting your whole company at risk.

You Aren’t Careful About Your Public Image

You need a good reputation and public image. Otherwise your business could be jeopardized. As the company owner, most of the public will see you and your company as the same thing. So one flippant remark could bring your company down along with your reputation. For example, you may accidentally say something slanderous about your competition in your personal life. This could come back to haunt your business. So always watch what you say. And hire a great attorney who can help fix things in case you forget to think before you speak!

There’s a lot to think about when you run your own business. Make sure security is one of your top priorities. Otherwise, you might end up out of business!


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