10 Essential Tools for Swift and Efficient Remote Collaboration

With the emergence of the global pandemic, many employers and businesses are choosing to convert to remote working for the foreseeable future. Whether you run a business that relies on employees all over the world or is just navigating the current climate, here are 10 essential tools that can improve your remote collaboration.

1. File Management App

If you’re looking to simplify remote file access for mobile workforce, you might be surprised to learn that there are lots of tools and software that can do just that. These apps allow you to quickly access important files no matter where in the world your team is.

2. Team Video Conference App

Sometimes team members need to come together to discuss things “face to face.” Whether your team is global or just a remote workforce, video conferences can cut out some unnecessary emails and allow for clearer communication and promote team building.

3. Project Management Software

It helps to be able to handle every aspect of a project in one place. Everything from scheduling to budgeting to documentation, the right software can make all of this simple and efficient. There are lots of options here, so be sure to choose a program that fits all of your business needs.

4. Workflow Automation

One of the best things about workflow automation is the increase in productivity and efficiency. By reducing repetitive tasks and consolidating manual work, implementing workflow automation will benefit everyone on your team.

5. Enterprise Communication Platform

Communicating through email can get a little laggy sometimes. And at other times you have messages ending up in spam boxes and other unintended folders. Communication platforms provide secure data transfers and fast messaging.

6.Time Zone Translator

When you have a global operation or you do a lot of work while you’re on the go, having a way to keep track of time anywhere in the world is invaluable. Knowing what time it is where specific team members are can help you make the most out of your business.

7. Password Keeper

There’s a lot of sensitive information in your business and regularly changing passwords can help keep that data more secure. Keeping all of your company’s passwords in one secure spot gives those who need access a little more free memory to apply to other business tasks.

8. Virtual Office

When your business doesn’t need a physical office, a virtual office can be helpful. You can still answer and transfer calls in real-time with real humans. This can give your marketing and customer service a real boost.

9. Coworking Software

Become more profitable with the right coworking software. You can better manage daily operations and have a record of what your employees are doing in real-time.

10. Payroll and Insurance Software

Running a business is a lot more than just offering products or services. There’s a lot that has to be done on the human resources end as well. Employees, contractors, and vendors need to be paid and receive benefits. 

There are a lot of tools at your disposal when you are collaborating remotely. By taking inventory of your business needs, you will be better able to choose the perfect software to take your operation to the next level.

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