3 Ways a Realtor Saves You Money

A lot of people think going without a realtor is going to save them money, especially home sellers
who don’t want to give up a cut of their profit to have someone else manage the paperwork.
However, the reality is that working with a realtor, regardless of if you’re buying or selling,
ultimately results in more money for you. Selling a property is tough work, and it’s something that
very few non-professionals can do well. Just like any other profession or skill, somebody who’s
literally been around the block a few hundreds times more than you is going to be better at it.

However, according to Ashford Realty Group, many people still try to engage in a housing
transaction realtor-free, and that’s dangerous territory. You can get blindsided, make the wrong
moves easily and quickly get overwhelmed with the process. Consider these ways realtors can save
you money and get one in your corner:

1. Access to more, better information

There are real estate listings (multiple listing services) which are only available to professional,
licensed real estate agents via the National Association of Realtors (NAR). These listings
consolidate every single property for sale within your regions of choice. As a buyer, this gives you
the ultimate access to your potential dream home. As a buyer, this means your listing is being seen
by many more people. It’s all about exposure.

2. They can sell better than you

A Realtor knows the latest best practices in curb appeal, how to negotiate in a buyer’s favor, and
how to market, showcase and basically sell. Even if you’re in sales yourself, there’s a huge
difference in industries. While a jewelry salesperson might be better at hawking a vegan cupcake
compared to a writer, the worlds are light years away. It’s the same with realtors and every other

3. They get it done faster

Statistically, realtors can sell a house faster than a for sale by owner approach. The longer you’re
sitting on a property you don’t want, the more you’re held back and potentially losing money. As a
seller, you might be paying the mortgage on two houses or putting off a necessary move because
you can’t move the property. Organizations like AARP offer tips for selling homes faster, but
nothing trumps a realtor.

This is the biggest financial transaction of your life. Make sure the support you deserve is there.

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