4 Tips For Employee Recruitment


One of the most important things that you can do for your company is recruiting a solid team of employees who will help you ascend on the road to success. Without a team of supportive and committed employees, you never know when you could potentially get let down when you need solidarity the most.

Rather than haphazardly going about your recruitment process with the intention of filling positions as fast as possible, it’s ideal to take your time perfecting your process so that you can find the best possible people to drive your sales.  Taking your time in selecting the ideal candidates will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to hire and re-train more than necessary.  Here are some of the best tips for your employee recruitment process.

 Screen Your Candidates Personality Types

One of the biggest mistakes that employers make when recruiting for new employees is overlooking their personality types and how well they would fit into the team environment.  When you focus only on professional qualifications and not personality qualifications you are putting your team at risk for potentially inserting a new team member who can throw off the team dynamic and morale.

Make sure that you aren’t only asking lots of questions but that you are asking the right questions.  That means shedding light on how they would react and adapt to your particular professional setting.  When you can ensure that they will be the best possible fit for your team of employees then you are setting you and your other employees up for success.

 Experience over Training

When you are seeking out the best picks from your list of candidates you should be sorting out the people that have the most experience from the rest.  Even though training is valuable, there is nothing like someone who has already been on the job and knows how it works.

Nine times out of ten you will find that someone with more experience over only training has a much better success rate and will deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time for your company.

Avoid Being Overwhelming During Interviews

Even though you may be in a position of power as an employer with the ability to make or break someone’s potential new career with your company, you shouldn’t get overly confident or overbearing during your interviewing process.

Keep a friendly demeanor and ask all of the right questions but not in a way that could potentially make new employee candidates run away out of fear.


Make sure that you are upfront and transparent about your company mission and policies during the interviewing process.  This will ensure that you won’t hire someone only to find that they quit soon after claiming that they weren’t aware of certain aspects of the job.





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