5 Simple Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs


Having an entrepreneurial spirit can lead you to a bright future. However, becoming successful certainly isn’t easy or risk-free. Due to the challenges, the average age of a prosperous entrepreneur is 45. With enough drive, preparation, and motivation, though, you can beat those odds at a younger age. Five simple strategies can help youthful founders get ahead.

1. Research Others

It’s always good to research what others have done before you. Not only can you be inspired by greatness, but you will also learn about triumphs and failures. International banker Julio Herrera Velutini, Catherine Cook, and even Mark Zuckerburg prove you can be an incredible entrepreneur at any age. Many blossoming businessmen and women have written inspirational books, started websites, or run Youtube channels to help you learn. Take note of what they’ve accomplished, and then replicate the general process while making it your own.

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2. Know Your Strengths

Learn what your biggest strengths are. If you aren’t positive about where you excel, stay open-minded, reflect on your personality, take notes of activities, and ask the people you know. You may be surprised to find others don’t always view you the same way you view yourself. Once you’ve pinpointed your strengths, work them into your business plan. Playing on your best attributes can give you confidence, and being self-assured can take you far.

3. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

No one is perfect, and that’s all right. However, you should acknowledge your weaknesses. The acknowledgment will allow you to improve those areas, hire someone to assist you, and prepare for criticism. There’s a good chance that outsiders will confront you with concerns. Work to convert negatives to positives. For example, if someone questions how young you are, turn your youth into a good thing. You can reply that you started young because you’re extremely driven, have time to focus on your career, or grew up with technology.

4. Dress Correctly

You should always be conscious of how you dress. Your clothing and overall appearance are a substantial part of the first impression you make on investors and clients. While business casual and casual wear continue to make their way into the workplace, they aren’t usually the best choice for presenting yourself. Dressing in a sharp, professional manner can make you seem successful, committed, and serious before you even begin to talk. Once you have established a relationship with others, you can tone down the dress code as appropriate.

5. Be Prepared

The best thing you can do when growing your company is to be prepared for anything. You should make a business plan and assess your progress regularly. This plan should be a guide, not a definitive set of rules, so make adjustments when necessary. When it comes to investors, be ready to do more than tell them about your goals. Show them what makes you different and why your company will prosper. Great visuals, a strong presentation, and a clear take-home message can make all the difference.

No matter your age, you can build your own company. Follow these tips to find success in your endeavor.

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