5 Things You Must Know When Renting a Villa In Dubai

The Villa Project located in Dubailand features a wide array of beautifully designed villas for rent in Dubai. But before you sign on the dotted line, here are some things that you need to know before renting a villa in Dubai:

1: Use The Service of A Real Estate Agent

The internet is a great portal for narrowing down your likes and dislikes. It, therefore, acts as a bench marker for what you are truly looking for in a home. Hence, this is where an agent comes into play; an agent would further narrow down your options by showing you a variety of homes that the agent believes would be more suitable to your tastes and preferences. Be sure to confirm that your agent is indeed legally registered and has a RERA license.

2: Be Open to Options

Sometimes the property that immediately speaks to you may not actually be the one that is right for you. Allow your agent to show you a few properties which might not have made the list. At the end of the day, they have a comprehensive list of the villas for rent in Dubai and they may be aware of a hidden gem that might not have been available to you in your research.

3: Do Your Research

Conduct as much research as possible because it’s better to have a wealth of information than finding yourself locked into something that you probably wouldn’t have wanted if you had done your proper research. Ask around and search online because this search can indeed save you a lot of time and energy. Be sure to research things such as proximity to your workplace, proximity to schools and hospitals especially if you have children as well as, also check the transportation options available.

4: Inspection

Don’t be afraid to thoroughly inspect the property. After all, you would be the person occupying the home and you’d rather want to know first-hand what you are getting yourself into rather than finding out years down the line. Sometimes, landlords overlook very important things because they believe the tenant might not notice. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to make sure everything is in order and if you are in doubt, ask a question.

5: Thoroughly Review the Contract

Ensure that you set aside ample time to review your contract in-depth with the landlord. Your contract is legally binding therefore you should take as much time to sit down with your potential landlord and ask any questions regarding the contract that you are not quite sure about. Once you have signed your contract, make sure it is registered with Ejari in order to safeguard your right in the event of any disputes, which may or may not arise in the future.


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