5 Tips to Stay Fit Despite Irregular Workout Schedule


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In today’s society, time is a commodity. As such, we often find ourselves sliding into bad habits and unwholesome choices when it comes to healthy living. Busy schedules filled with office hours, countless errands and taking the kids to-and-from extra-curricular activities leaves little time for driving to the gym or figuring out what to make for dinner. It’s hard to be healthy, but here are five tips that might lighten the load and fit healthy living into a hectic calendar.


  1. Mindset

Staying fit is a commitment and should become an integral part of your day-to-day life. Keeping a schedule and planning out your week will help maintain this promise.

Create goals and healthy habits. Doing so will encourage continuous, mindful choices, creating an overall abundant lifestyle.


It can be hard to figure out where to start, but once you begin, you will feel great and more in control of your time and body.


  1. Workout at Home

Driving to the gym after a long day often feels like the least appealing idea. Easy-to-use equipment and online workouts are great alternatives.


Ellipticalsare easy to use and are perfect for an entire body workout. They also do not take up too much room and are relatively easy to set up. Making time in the morning for a twenty-minute routine will provide cardio, muscle strength and energy for the rest of the day! (Look for more information on elliptical trainers here.)


At night, winding down to anonline workout before bed is the best way to end the day. You can even wear your pajamas!


  1. Meal Prep and On-The-Go Food

Ordering-in or swinging by your favorite restaurant can be tempting. While indulging occasionally, a packed lunch, stashed (healthy) snacks, and an easy, made-at-home breakfast will save time, money and your waistline.


Plan out meals and go grocery shopping at the beginning of the week.Smoothiesor fruit-and-granola are quick, nutritional on-the-go breakfasts.


Before you leave the house, throw a few veggies into a crockpot. When you arrive home in the evening, an instant, nourishing meal is already prepared.


Eaton-time and in proportions that are ideal for your body. Eating too much can leave you bloated, while eating too little will cause cravings for snacks. Those snack calories add up quickly.


Staying hydrated is probably one of the most important nutritional tasks for a busy person. This will not only keep you energized throughout the day, but it will help avoid unnecessary snacking.


  1. Spontaneous Exercise

While time should be taken to include a daily workout, certain exercises can be performed throughout the day to stay active:


  • Choose stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Turn half of your lunch break into a thirty-minute walk.
  • Use everyday items to strengthen muscles in your spare time.
  • While watching TV, use commercial breaks for push-ups and sit-ups.
  • Do not remain sedentary. Take five-minute breaks throughout the day to stretch and get blood flowing. Keep a jump rope in your desk drawer or take a brisk walk throughout the office.


  1. Find A Support Group

Through social media, the office, or your group of friends, find others who have busy schedules and are trying to sustain healthy living. The commitment of a healthy lifestyle can often feel overwhelming. Stress and fear of failure are often the cause of resorting to bad habits.


Keeping in community is a reminder that you are not alone. There are others struggling daily to stay fit and strong just like you. When like-minded individuals join together, you will find all the encouragement and motivation needed to stay committed.


Join a Facebook workout group, sign up for a weekly workout class, or ask your office buddy if they would like to join your lunch breakwalk. If you have an accountability partner or group, the more likely you will remain steadfast in your fit and healthy lifestyle.

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