5 Ways to Maximize Use of Project Management Software


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People who manage projects generally want to have a simple way of handling the processes. There are several project management programs are available for almost any type of project, and promising features and options to make tasks easier to accomplish. However, many organizations complain that they are hesitant to use the software they have or do not believe that project management software adoption is a viable option for them. When fully utilized, a project management software will definitely become a productivity tool. It is a matter of knowing how to maximize it so that your staff will not hesitate or refuse to use it.

Make sure it fits your organization

See to it that the one you purchase fits your budget and organization. If your company is small and you only need a program to use as a simple tool for task management, file sharing and better communication, then you do not have to buy one that has more complex features. You might not need resource management or reporting function. Moreover you will be paying for these extra features that you do not need.

Consider mobility

Most workers today use tablets and smartphones to keep track of work when they are out of the office. If you choose a project management platform that is mobile-optimized, it will allow employees who need to work outside the office to collaborate and access information and files. Even if they are in another time zone or any part of the globe, they will be able to keep track of on-going projects. Their productivity increases since there are more opportunities for them to get some work done even if they are travelling or assigned somewhere else.

Have realistic expectations

Bear in mind that a project management software is not a replacement for the project management process. The platform is meant to automate and support the processes involved in the management of projects. There are basic functions of this type of software: data management and acquisition, reporting and graphing and support for decision making. The project collaborators should still be on top of things. With a project management software, it is possible to see the entire progress of a project any time, without requiring all collaborators to submit individual reports.

Train users properly

Adoption of project management software usually fails because the users are not properly trained. It is not enough to train employees in one go. Provide multiple training sessions that everyone should attend. They should be taught how to create an account, a login and their own password. Set up a dummy project during the training period so that your employees can practice using the system’s many features, creating posts and attaching files. Getting them to be very familiar with the platform will encourage them to use it. Offer a follow-up training two weeks after the first training session, to see to it that they can use the system properly, and to iron out kinks and problems they may have encountered.

Assign a project leader

There should be someone who to track a project’s progress in real time. This will ensure that all issues can be corrected and addressed before things get out of hand. A project manager should be in constant communication will all members of the project team, keeping them up to date and ensuring that all members are using the project management software.

A project management software is designed to streamline the various processes involved when managing a project. It is meant to provide a clear view of a project’s progress all in one place, in real time. If you fully understand what the platform does, train your people properly and have realistic expectations, you’ll be able to maximize its use.


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