6 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Hire Court Reporting Agencies


As the world embraces technology in different fields, the courts are also embracing real-time court reporting. These days, court reporters have better tools that help them deliver accurate transcription and captioning at a faster rate. Most attorneys are now hiring professional court reporting companies because of the myriad of benefits they offer. Here are some of the advantages these companies offer.


Court reporters have legal knowledge and experience and they will help you in the documentation of different legal practices. They have worked with other attorneys and handled similar cases, and they will be in a position to know what is important and what is not. With a reliable court reporting agency, you should expect accurate and high-quality transcripts and a timely turnaround.

Mastery of language and grammar

Court reporters are highly skilled masters of grammar, language, and vocabulary. They will accurately transcribe whatever has been said to eliminate any potential misunderstandings in the future. A court reporter will also process difficult legal jargon while simultaneously keeping up with the current dialogue. Most reporters have an amazing dictation speed of 200 words per minute or even more and can use shorthand.

Real-time reporting

Court reporting agencies provide real-time reporting services that immediately bring translation from the reporter’s machine to the tablet or computer screen. This means that the attorney can immediately review whatever has been said to ensure that all important details are clean and give an accurate final transcript. A highly skilled reporter eliminates the issue of inaccuracy and proves invaluable for lawyers during different cases and depositions.

Expert testimony

Lawyers have to wait for several weeks before they can review a testimony. This is a drawback because it extends the time needed for one to find and even consult with expert witnesses. A court reporting agency like Naegeli can use real-time recording, allowing the legal representative to cut and paste a part of the testimony into email or fax and send it to other attorneys, medical experts, and other professionals for review. This is crucial because it helps the case to progress more quickly and conclude much faster.

Review of documents

Document review enables executives and attorneys to review documents that are important for official matters like audits, regulatory inspections, and legal cases. Document review enables law firms to acquire information that they require to develop the right strategy for handling various situations. With document review services from court reporting agencies, law firms will not require other legal services such as project management, complex litigation support, well-equipped legal suites and consultation from quality control lawyers.

Easy storage and retrieval of records

Record storage and retrieval enables law firms and other companies to store their transcripts and other documents in an electronic database that is maintained by a court reporters agency. The service provider also offers retrieval services for different types of records such as medical records, criminal records, financial and police records. These services eliminate the disorderly storage of official documents and also help to save on time.

Court reporting companies assist law firms to gather and interpret information pertaining to legal cases. They can also handle other official matters like regulatory inquiries and audits. All these services are crucial because they can help law firms handle the most tedious and important tasks. They will simplify the job of individual lawyers by handling the long, time-consuming and strenuous workload.



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