8 Traits of Top Performers

8 Traits of Top Performers
8 Traits of Top Performers

People are different. As human beings, we all have our unique traits and qualities. We all have differences in the way we see things, how we react to things, and how we achieve things. We have different Core Values and exist in different life stages. Some people are driven toward success. Some are happy with the status quo. Some people are natural leaders and others are natural followers.

For people who are driven to success, the top performers often have certain habits in common that keep them above the bar – indeed – constantly raising the bar on performance. Here are eight traits that top performers often have in common that propel them upward.

  1. They grow their vision.

Instead of settling for the status quo, or defining themselves by their latest achievement, they continuously grow their vision as to what’s possible. They understand there are no limitations except the ones they place on themselves or in their mind. They prevent these limitations by continuously thinking, feeling, and evolving their vision to encompass all that is possible.

  1. They are extremely goal-oriented.

They take time to visualize what they want in their lives. Once they know what they want, they write down their goals and come up with an inspired plan of action that will move them in a direction to make the goal a reality.

  1. They take action.

After they set their goals and come up with an inspired plan of action, they fully understand that they must act. While others complain about their circumstances or how hard things are. Top performers move to get it done. They do not allow procrastination, fear, or past mistakes to define their future – indeed – they use those past mistakes to motivate them even further.

  1. They develop a support network.

Top performers surround themselves with a trusted “inner circle” that helps them grow, improve, and achieve. They want nothing to do with nay-sayers or negative people who suck the life out of everything. Top performers know that it is important to surround themselves with a team of like-minded individuals who are going to help them bring their goals to fruition. They do not want “Yes-men”, actually, true top performers appreciate constructive criticism, varying points of view, and ideas, as long as it helps them better achieve their goals.

  1. They are lifelong learners.

Top performers constantly search for ways to grow and get better, both personally and professionally. They invest in their personal development regardless of how successful they perceive themselves to be. They understand that they don’t know everything, and use their hunger for success as a tool to help them expand mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. While less successful people want a bigger TV, top performers want a bigger library.

  1. They live to serve.

Top performers understand that true success and fulfillment comes from serving and helping others achieve success. They desire to contribute to the world and help make it a better place for everyone. Regardless of what else they do or attract to themselves, they still operate out of a servant mentality. Truly successful people want to help others to succeed as well.

  1. They put in more effort than others.

Many people think that top performers are lucky, privileged, or “kiss ass” to get what they want. But the truth is that a great percentage of them put in more effort than anybody else. They have a particular work ethic. They put in the long hours regardless of their bank balances and position, not because they deem it necessary, but because it feels good and they are truly aligned with their success. They enjoy the personal expansion and growth that comes from their inspired efforts.

  1. They never give up.

Top performers have an unbelievable the amount of fight, persistence, and perseverance that is evident over the course of their journey. No amount of setbacks and failures will deter them from their goals. They enjoy the challenges that it takes to be a top performer and they understand that it’s not about instant gratification. They have a competitive mentality, not toward others, but toward their last achievement. They see every milestone reached as their new minimum standard.

If you truly desire to be a top performer in professional or personal life, and want success because it feels good, rather than feeling lack, adopting these traits can help launch you to new heights, new destinations, and to a new inner-satisfaction that may have eluded you in the past.

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