A Lazy Person’s Guide to Fitness


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Waking up on the weekends is hard to do. The journey to survive and make it to this point should be rewarded. You should be able to sleep in, eat unhealthy, and put your laziness on cruise control. Some us are going to that, while some crazier folk, will be more productive members of society.

Our laziness as people can lead to a downward spiral if we’re not careful. So, it may be time for those lazy people out there to get off their couches and nip this in the bud before it gets bad.

When you’re lazy it’s harder to stay fit. So, this one’s for my lazy people out there looking for a way to remain a little lazy but still manage some fitness in their life.

  • Bed Workouts

Get your mind out of the gutter. Although, that can work too.

Working out in your bed gives you an added challenge. Usually you would be working out on floors, or mats, sometimes benches. However, unlike these stable, firm surfaces, a bed is more loose and chaotic. This non-firm surface gives your body the added difficultyin using more stabilizing muscles to maintain balance.

The next time you wake up, do a few pushups and try to keep your balance. Adding a small challenge without getting up is ideal for keeping laziness at the max.

  • Walk and Talk

In the age of cell phones, actual face to face communication is almost nonexistent. But it’s easy to change that.

A good way to get into shape is every time you get a call at home, simply grab your shoes and head out the door for a walk. Even if you don’t get a ton of calls, take the initiative and anytime you do, get a little workout in with it to distract yourself.

If that’s not your game, try taking the person usually on the other end of the phone, and go for a walk instead. Having a workout buddy or a friend willing to have face to face talks and that don’t mind walking, is great to have.

You’re going to burn more calories than you would sitting inside.

  • Take Advantage of Commercials

We all have our favorite television shows that for any reason, we cannot miss. Lucky for you all your shows have commercials. This is a great chance to sneak in a short circuit routine. Switching up the workout every commercial to a different activity, allows you work out multiple area of your body.

This type of workout is great if you have a fitness tracker. The folks at, fitnessexact.com, can help you if you don’t. Being able to track heart rates and length of workout can help you keep better track of your health.

  • Take the Long Way

One overlooked fix to laziness is taking your daily responsibilities and just making them more drawn out.

For instance, if you drive to work try parking far away rather than closer. This allows you the chance of added walking, however little it may be.

Maybe try using the stairs more over the quick elevator. Taking advantage of anything that can raise your heart rate will do wonders overtime for your fitness. Make yourself try this, I guarantee you after a week you notice how easier it is for you.

  • Don’t Let Work Stop You

Work or home life is no reason to let laziness and excuses set you back in your fitness. Imagine being able to do the littlest of things while at work or home, and still not break a sweat or have it effect your work.

It’s possible, here’s how.

Incorporate when you’re sitting, workouts like: butt squeezes, floor presses, heel raises, and stomach crunches. These can be done simply at your desk or at your home sitting around. Essentially they are all just squeezing your muscles. You can do that with ease.

Look, you’re doing it now and realize how simple it is.

  • Enjoy

Most importantly, don’t do anything you don’t find fun. The point of working out is to be entertained when you’re doing it. Find something fun you can enjoy doing as a workout. This makes you want to do it. The powers of the mind are amazing when it comes to fitness.

Don’t force it. Being lazy about fitness is a lot about not enjoying the boring workouts. Challenge yourself to find something you can enjoy doing that is fitness orientated.

Just making small corrections of course the course of a day or week is all it takes. 20 minutes here, or there. You don’t have to be a gym rat and live at the gym. Take what you do now and incorporate these tips into your day. I assure you, you can still be lazy and fit, just try it.



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