A New Look at a Company Rewards Strategy

If there is an organization out there that doesn’t have a special rewards and incentives program going, they are probably among only a few that don’t. It is a common strategy among employers to motivate their workers to go above and beyond, especially in those times when more orders than expected come in and they will be pushing people and equipment to the limits. If you are looking for innovative ways to get your employees to step up production, here is a new look at a company rewards strategy.

When Team Building Strategies Don’t Fit Your Needs

There are some jobs that don’t demand teamwork. With so much attention being paid to the importance of teambuilding and on strategies for getting the most from your teams, what happens if you have teams that already work well together or jobs that aren’t part of a department or team? How do you incentivize them to go beyond their current quotas? This is a time when company rewards strategies may fit your needs better than team building or team rewards strategies.

Creative Rewards Are Engaging

While a great number of employers offer the ‘usual’ kinds of rewards like monetary bonuses, which are always nice, they just aren’t interesting enough to be engaging! Why not go for something a little out of the ordinary? What about tickets to the theater or for those who live in Indianapolis, two tickets to a Pacer’s game? Some bosses have found that many couples are always looking for something out of the ordinary to do on weekends, so you could offer tickets for two to an escape room Indianapolis. These are loads of fun as the whole theme of the escape room is a mystery that the players must solve. That’s something that would intrigue just about anyone because it’s unusual enough to capture their interest.

When Those Rewards Just Aren’t Enough

Many workers often complain that their bosses just don’t value the hard work and effort they put in day after day, week after week. It’s all well and good to sponsor contests and offer rewards, but what about those loyal employees who give 100% all of the time and aren’t interested in competing for a prize? Sometimes just a word of appreciation from the powers that be is enough to satisfy them and spur them on to bigger and better things. A little handwritten note from the boss is always a nice gesture, and sometimes, being publicly recognized for going above and beyond gives them an extra sense of pride. What about those employees who have the potential but haven’t been performing up to expectations?

The whole point in all this is that sometimes a little personalized appreciation is far more effective than all the competitions you can imagine. Most employees just want to be recognized and valued and when they aren’t, most will not perform at their best. The human psyche being what it is, most people just want to be appreciated. A new look at a company rewards system should always be centered on individual motivation. That’s where you’ll reach the average person and how you will get them to want to be more active in team goals. When it comes to company rewards, it pays to know your employees. What do you think your employees would work towards winning? That’s the key to an effective company rewards strategy if ever there was one. So, what would it be?

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