A Simple and Affordable Way Boost the Value of Your Home

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Real estate experts are foreseeing increased interest in homes in 2016. More homes are expected to exchange hands in this year and the years to come as more millennials are expected to be looking to purchase homes. If you’re planning to sell your home, this is the year to put in the market.

However, before doing so, you ought to consider different ways that you can improve the value of your home. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on extensive home renovation to boost the value of your home. A simple and useful way to improve the value of your home, and the chances of selling it, is installing high speed internet.

The new must have

Affordable, fast and reliable internet has great potential for fueling the growth of the economy. It can drive significant improvements for businesses, local communities as well as economies as a whole. A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University and University of Colorado researchers has shown that is also now driving the prices of homes up.

The study involving more than 500,000 homes that were put on sale between 2011 and 2013, showed that homes that installed high speed fiber optic internet saw an  increase in value of between $5400 and $175,000.

More buyers are considering a high speed internet connection as being a deciding factor in whether or not to purchase a home. High speed internet is now considered at the same level as a stable electricity supply.

How to improve your chances with high speed internet

Having a high speed internet connection in your home may make the difference between being able to sell your home at your asking price or not. If you want to improve your chances of making a sale and boost the value of your home ensure you apply the following tips:

  1. Compare internet service providers in your area

What options for high speed internet do you have in your area? Compare the service providers in your area. You can use a comparison website for easier and faster comparison. However, you will still need to visit the specific providers’ websites to learn more about the specific packages they offer and make a more detailed comparison.

  1. Choose a reliable service provider

Be sure to check reviews on different service providers. Ensure that they offer a reliable internet connection with satisfactory customer service. Buyers will want a service provider that is reliable and can be easily accessed in case of any problem.

  1. Consider speed

While you may not be concerned about the speed of the internet connection, your prospective buyers may be. Some buyers may pass on a house simply because the upload and download speed of the internet connection was inadequate. Choose a service provider that is not only affordable, but gives you the option to upgrade to even faster speeds when you choose to. If you live in Bulhead City, AZ check out internet providers bullhead city.

A simple and affordable investment like high speed internet can make a significant difference in the price and speed at which you sell your home. Begin your search for a reliable internet service provider now.




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