AnimalBiome Receives the 2019 Innovation Award for Supplements

Oakland, CA – January 14, 2020 – The Innovative Veterinary Care (IVC) Journal has announced that AnimalBiome has been chosen as the winner of the 2019 Innovation Award for Supplements in the “Gut Health Category.”

Innovative Veterinary Care Journal is proud to celebrate the companies that push to make a difference in animal care. Their annual awards program aims to recognize companies that make quality, innovative, pet care products.  Winners are selected based on their ability to go above and beyond to help make veterinary practice easier on the patients and better for the vets.

“We are incredibly honored that AnimalBiome has been awarded and recognized by the IVC Journal for our Gut Restoration Supplement,” says Holly Ganz PhD and Chief Science Officer of AnimalBiome, “Our team of scientists are passionate about pets and use revolutionary science to boost pet health, happiness and longevity by improving their microbiomes.”

Millions of pets suffer from digestive disorders that often cause diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, AnimalBiome advances pet care through gut microbiome research and pet digestive health products. Their team of scientists know that a healthy inside leads to a healthy outside, which is why they’re on a mission to develop innovative, science-backed treatments that will help pet parents better understand their pet’s gut microbiome. In addition, they provide all of the tools an owner will need to improve their pet’s health.

AnimalBiome currently offers gut health assessment kits, microbiome testing and gut microbiome restoration supplements for cats and dogs.

Benefits of their DoggyBiome and KittyBiome Gut Microbiome Restoration Supplement include: 

  • Supports solidly-formed bowel movements
  • Gentle and fast-acting
  • Helps maintain normal stools
  • Soothes the intestinal tract
  • Convenient capsules created from healthy dog/cat feces as an alternative to the surgical fecal microbiota transplant (FMT), which is effective but also expensive and invasive

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