Are You Seeing Results?

Is the entrepreneurial struggle worth the time and money?  

Are you in the midst of working to accomplish a long-term vision but find doubt creeping into your mind?

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, doubt about our capabilities come into play.  This is due to our area of expertise being a natural talent.  So we begin to believe everyone else already knows what we know and will therefore be unhappy with our services.

With luck we run into others advising us to do research on the topic such as asking our intended clientele what they already know about our subject matter.  Finally, we get the answer we want realizing that yes, we do have information others need and want.  Renewed strength comes our way to keep pursuing.

As time presses on so does technology and methods for doing business.  Are you finding the time to keep abreast of new platforms offered by the major online sites?  Are you participating in new programs that meet in-person or taking courses and/or reading books to remain current?  The learning continues in multiple directions.  Are you able to prioritize which route is best for your business?

To lessen some of the struggles, pursue those new avenues that hold the most interest because those are the very ones that you are most likely to pursue on a continuing basis until you master the concepts.  Upon embracing this policy, you will then be pointed to similar pursuits enabling you to expand upon what is already in place and based upon what you enjoy doing.

No matter the odds, when you whole-heartedly pursue a particular direction, you will be far more likely to succeed.  And in this mode, you will be more inclined to enthusiastically speak about your latest work.  It is your drive and enthusiasm that will turn heads and attract attention to your business.

At the same time you take a leap of faith to try something new, ask others who preceded you about their experience.  Try to learn as much as possible upfront in order to avoid errors.  Should a new service arise of which you don’t quite have the expertise to measure, ask someone to help you make the determination of whether to subscribe or not.

Your Personal Brand Determines Success

 Your honesty in communicating you would like help encourages the help you need.  In the long run, as others see you implementing the help they provided, they feel comfortable later on asking if you would like to pursue projects together as you have developed your dedicated personal brand.  All of this leads to finding a much larger reach of audience potential and a greater ROI on the hard work put in upfront.

As you progress in your journey, occasionally look back to where you began and how far you have come.  The best scenario is that a smile comes to your face as you recognize the journey was well worth the difficulties encountered upfront, and that you are proud of your accomplishments.

Looking back it will seem as if you were always on the wave of the Smooth Sale!


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