Athleisure Trends for 2017

Insights about Athleisure trends for 2017

After leaving gyms and conquering runways, activewear or “athleisure” has swiped fashion enthusiasts off their feet. Athleisure has certainly become one of the main fashion trends in 2016, and, in spite of much scepticism, it has proven to be more than just a fad. With its popularity through the roof, not only is this fashion style here to stay in 2017, but it also brings innovation and inspiration.

The Athleisure Fairy-Tale

Perhaps it all started with Casual Fridays of sweatpants and sneakers, but athleisure quickly became a symbol of healthy and trendy lifestyle. Driven by millennials and their growing health consciousness, this fashion trend has left gyms, walked the streets of Manhattan and ended up on fashion runways.

Often referred to as a shift in lifestyle, athleisure fashion started to rise in 2015 with steady increases in both sale and popularity. Soon enough, major brands became interested in this up-and-coming fashion style. And as competition grew stronger, prices became lower, and athleisure popularity quickly reached the stars.

What hides behind such a powerful trend? Certainly, there’s a reason why what was once workout clothes has become the hottest and trendiest must-have in the fashion world. What made athleisure one of the major trends is its style and functionality. Now, fashion aficionados can have both style and comfort, leaving behind uncomfortable high-heels and tight jeans in favour of forever-popular sneakers and leggings. Not only does activewear enable its proud owners to look fabulous and dashing, but it also shifts the focus from just appearance, to a unique outdoor experience, comfort and functionality.

Another reason behind such a great popularity of athletic-inspired clothes is the fact that athleisure has truly brought about a positive change. More and more people, especially young adults, are turning to a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise. Although athleisure isn’t just about the looks, everyone wants to be able to show off their figure in fashionable activewear. Check out these cute black homecoming dresses if you want to portray a sexy, glamorous, and chic look at your next event.

What to Expect in 2017

The relaxed, cool, yet sexy style of athleisure has certainly outgrown simple outfits consisting of T-shirts, sweatpants and sneakers. It has evolved embracing new and sexier designs, interesting prints, cheerful colours, a variety of textures and modern updates such as this Waterfowl Hunting shirt. Of course, functionality and fashion will still remain closely intertwined leaving one impossible to imagine without the other.

Athleisure has even found its way into technology, or the other way around, which means that smart fabric advancements are just around the corner. Odourless fabrics, pieces of clothes that will keep you warm, cool and moisture-free, and even new synthetics with built-in sunscreen will soon take sway on the athletic apparel market.

When it comes to the main athleisure trends in 2017, it seems that those that have marked the year 2016 are here to stay. However, they’ll certainly enter the fashion-athletic scene in a new and improved edition. Cutouts, one of the athleisure stars, will have their place in the closets of activewear lovers this year, as well. However, the experimentation with new techniques using lasers has brought new and interesting looks with slits in crop tops and leggings. Not only will cutouts be seen at the gym, but they will also become sexier, thus earning their place among evening clothing.

Since it all started with leggings, it’s impossible to imagine athleisure and 2017 without them. Of course, 2017 brings new colours, textures and combinations, so prepare to see a lot more leggings paired with crop tops, longer tops, and chic coats. With leggings come trendy and comfy bodybuilding shorts that will enable you to work out in style. Another athleisure fashion trend for 2017 are crop tops that you’ll see in combination with high waisted leggings or shorts. Among modern updates, there will be crop tops with higher necklines and longer sleeves.

The culture of health-conscious millennials has embraced athleisure as its essential part transforming it from a fad to a lifestyle. With athleisure on fashion runways, we’ll all be seeing trendy and comfy looks.

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