Barriers Every Online Learner Needs To Overcome


A good number of online learners has difficulties coping with the new ways of achieving knowledge. Some find it very difficult to dive into online learning because they’re just not into the latest technology available to them, including the Internet. All those who know that using the Internet to learn something new means they have to know quite a lot about computers and similar things just don’t want to give e-learning a chance.

They’ve heard and read so many times that online learning is meant for individuals experienced with tech stuff, which is why they’ve been avoiding it. To advance your skills, you’ll have to jump over this, and several others we’ll mention below. Due to this preexisting belief, a large number of people looking to learn online think they need super advanced tech skills to participate in knowledge sharing platforms, but if you engage and motivate them, you can alleviate their concerns. With online demos, attractive presentations, and brief tutorials, you can not only walk them through your platform, but make them feel right at home with each online class.

Another hurdle to jump over is bad previous experience with online learning platforms. It’s very difficult to get those who had to endure boring online training courses in the past engaged about your platform. As Zeqr’s expert on personal growth suggests, it can get difficult to excite someone with a tragic e-learning past about any online solution. In general, as a learner, you need to look for something clear to you, as well as something that is proven to improve your knowledge.

Lack of motivation is next, and as someone who wants to learn something new, online learners definitely need high levels of motivation to at least read through what each course offers. Badges, certificates, as well as points are all what you should look for in your desired knowledge sharing hub. They give online learners the motivation they need to learn what they really want.

Also, learning materials provided by tutors is an issue to consider. Every platform needs a perfect balance between something that’s easy, yet engaging. If the assignments are too difficult, everybody’s going to get frustrated and just give up. The best teachers divide their long-term goals for their learners into more manageable milestones, because they know that it will increase their motivation. This allows online learners to check their own progress, as well as brag about their accomplishments on social media.

Last, but not least, the lack of community involvement can also provide a barrier. Although young knowledge seekers want to expand their knowledge, they expect either their tutor to be very engaged, or to not go through an entire online course alone. Building an active online learning community for every course is beneficial. In the programming world, SoloLearn has the ability to post comments and find answers to every section of every class available to the world.

Choosing your next favorite online learning platform takes time, but at least with the expansion of the Internet, there’s so much to choose from! Look for authentic knowledge sharing places that provide you with comfort and good quality at all times!


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