Bellhops, Fast Growing National Moving Company, Looking For 1000s Of Workers Across Country

In 2011, Bellhops started as a simple solution for college students looking for help moving into dorms. Today, with over $50 million in venture capital and the experience of hundreds of thousands of moves, Bellhops has evolved into a full-service moving solution in more than 60 cities nationwide. By pairing AI technology with best-in-class customer service, Bellhops is transforming the dated $18B moving industry, creating flexible work opportunities and changing the way Americans move from place to place.   More info can be seen at:

Bellhops currently is looking for thousands of workers in its markets across the country for those that fulfill their core values of high customer service, approach life with optimism and enthusiasm, show deep care for others by putting them first and work well with a team. Those interested in a position with Bellhops can apply at:

Bellhops team members earn on average $21 an hour, including tips and bonuses, get paid weekly and receive extra compensation for referrals and great performance.  To find Bellhops jobs, local workers can simply enter their schedule in the Bellhops app and get matched with people who need help moving.  Bellhops is the only moving company that provides a photo with star-rating (similar to Uber) of the client’s movers 24 hours prior the move.

Bellhops’ workers manage their hours through an app, allowing for maximizable schedule flexibility, as well as ensuring the best movers and professional drivers are matched for each particular job (based on factors such as location, home size, items to be moved, and time frame). The company’s smart technology also tracks each mover’s performance (based on customer feedback and overall performance), thereby ensuring that only high-scoring workers are matched to jobs.

Bellhops has carried and transported over 4.6 million boxes, totaling 72 million pounds, has logged more than 375,000 miles, including their longest move ever from Hartford to Seattle, and spent more than 480,000 hours helping Americans get settled into their new lives.

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