Bogi Lateiner, Girl Gang Garage, Trade School vs College, with Bert Martinez

Bogi Lateiner is an entrepreneur, who’s built an incredible platform. She’s on the hit TV show All Girls Garage, currently it’s 9th season on MotorTrendTV. Before COVID hit, Bogi also traveled the country doing workshops, teaching women how to work on their vehicles.

People commonly recognize Bogi Lateiner, for the role she plays as a host on All Girls Garage, however many people don’t realize that she does a lot of projects beyond the show. Although Bogi is a fixture on the program and the longest standing original cast member, it’s only one dimension of a multifaceted talent. She is also a career-long fierce advocate, combating a culture that has historically limited the opportunities of women within the automotive industry. Bogi is an avid promoter of the trades in general as a valid, respectable career path.

Additionally, she has developed her shop, Girl Gang Garage with the purpose of elevating, encouraging, and championing the entry and advancement of women within the automotive and skilled trade industries.

This 9th season of All Girls Garage marks the departure of Christy Lee and a slight format shift from a three-person cast to two ladies. Bogi and her co-host, Faye Hadley, are both ASE certified mechanics, car enthusiasts, and dedicated problem solvers.

Before recent shutdowns, Bogi’s busy schedule was divided between the following:

  • All Girls Garage 
  • Professional shop management instructor one weekend a month
  • Appearances and speaking events around the country
  • Girl Gang Garage Operations/ All Female Build Leader

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