Can’t Keep Up? How To Recruit Top Talent Fast


If you need to expand your business, you may also need more employees . You will need more knowledge, skills, and effort to handle the increased workload.

But this raises a host of questions:

First, how do you find ones with the right skills and experience?

Second, how do you find them when you need them NOW?

Third, how do you find people when you don’t have time to hold their hand and train them?

Try Temporary Staffing

One simple solution is temporary staffing.

Temporary hiring is not just about hiring entry level people. It also works for hiring people with technical skills. You can use it to get people with specialized skills that can grow your business.

In fact, temporary hiring is on the rise. Many businesses use it to get immediate staff. Fast growing companies use it to avoid falling behind their competitors.

Save Time Hiring

It takes time to put in place a hiring process. There are a lot of hiring steps and legal procedures to comply with.

Temporary staffing allows you to move more fast. You don’t have to put out ads. You don’t have to conduct a series of interviews. You don’t have to verify references. And you don’t have to conduct extensive background checks. All this is done for you. Staffing companies like Kelly Services send pre-screened candidates to you upon request.

What’s more, temporary workers are eager to land a long-term gig. So they will do their best to convince you that they will be your next superstar.

So, you don’t have to spend your time looking for someone who has the perfect skill sets. Temporary hires are often professionals looking for a job. Often they need only a little training to learn your business needs.

Keep People You Like

You can train employees without committing for the long haul. Or, you may be impressed enough to take them on-board.

What’s more, they may have worked in many similar companies as temporary help. This will make it easier for them to catch on to your unique business operations.

Close the Skills Gap

The idea of a “skills gap” is a trendy term. But it’s also real need. The more sophisticated your business, the more likely there is to be a skills gap. With temporary talent, you can choose people with the right skills. It’s a quick way to fill open position. And it’s a useful way to test out people on the job.

Try Before You Buy

When you hire new people, it’s hard to know whether they will work out. Perhaps, they have the right skills, but the wrong attitude. Perhaps, they are good candidates for job training, but are not trainable. You can skip these dilemmas when you use temporary staffing. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised at the quality of candidates who are eager to work for you on a trial basis. On average, about 42% of firms transition recruited talent into full-time hires.

Control the Contagion Effect

There has been a lot of study done over the years to establish the theory of social contagion. This proposes that people who associate with each other become like each other. In a company, attitudes and behaviors are often highly contagious.

Hiring new employees with bad attitudes—cynicism or recalcitrance—can affect your entire staff. A few bad apples can turn your entire corporate culture upside down, and bad recruits can switch a corporate culture from positive to negative. Conversely, some motivated new blood can get everyone working better than ever before.

With temporary hire, you have some control. It’s easy to notice whether someone is destroying or improving your company’s culture. You can decide whether they should stay.

Cost of a Bad Hire

The cost of a bad hire can cost your company $50,000. Sometimes it’s more. So it’s a good idea to give strong candidates a try out. Before recruiting into your company, see if they align with your company’s vision and way of doing things.

A Revolution in Hiring

The idea behind temporary hiring is something of a revolution. It’s a way to skip the long-drawn out hiring process. It’s a way to avoid suffering the consequences of making a bad decision. The best way to assess value is by seeing it in operation. This is something you can discern when people work for you on a temporary contract.

Finally, temporary agencies are good at hiring. It’s all they do. They use the best tech tools to become smart recruiters. Their business depends on sending the right people to the right clients.


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