Career Ideas for Aspiring Scientists

For many aspiring scientists, the chance to stand at the frontier of meaning and push the limits of human knowledge is an enticing description for a day job.
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Science is an incredibly vast field comprised of an abundance of disciplines, so if you had your heart set on starting a career there, there will likely be an opportunity waiting for you.

Here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

Forensic Specialist

If the thought of working on crime scenes and using your elite knowledge to aid the justice system sounds like a fulfilling career, opting for the path of forensic science might be the best way to go.

Like many rewarding career paths in science, the route to the top often requires you to journey through higher education, but once you have got hold of a great forensic science degree, you can open up the doors to many possibilities.

From engineers to psychology, forensics is a large field, one that is rife with opportunity for those who wish to sharpen a highly specialized skillset.


For biology lovers, the chance to unveil the innermost secrets of the natural world as a biotechnologist could be an ideal career choice.

Positive global change is possible through modern science, and that change needs to be driven by innovation, problem-solving and perhaps most importantly, dedicated individuals just like you.

In your role as a biotechnician, you might find yourself at the forefront of the action, working on new methods of enriching the human experience and supporting a global humanity in areas like healthcare, ecology and sustainable food.

Science Journalist

Not all great journalists have degrees in English and writing, in fact, many of them make the transition after spending some time in a totally different field.

If you can write and you adore science, it might be worth sharing your passion with the rest of the world through the medium of investigative journalism.

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Academic Researcher

The field of academic research essentially seeks to make brand-new discoveries and develop thoughts and ideas into concrete knowledge for the good of all society.

Working in academia can be tough, but if you are passionate about science and enjoy uncovering the mysteries of the universe from a celestial scale to a quantum one, you might enjoy yourself immensely.

It can be an emotionally fulfilling role, especially for anyone who wishes to feel as though they have contributed to the advancement of the modern world.

Conservation Biology

The natural world is profoundly beautiful, ancient, and enigmatic, and it needs protecting. Conservation biologists everywhere are striving to do just that.

Conservation biology will likely take you to many awe-inspiring places around the globe. If you enjoy studying animals and helping to preserve their wellbeing, a career as a conservation biologists could be the perfect choice.

This is an extremely important line of work, one that needs to be done to ensure that the natural world flourishes and is kept safe from the darker side of human impact.

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